Zumba your way to greatness – err, I mean great health!

Blog by: Sulagna Das

Now ladies, let us all be real about this – none of us like the idea of waking up at 6 in the morning, barely seeing straight because your eyes are, as a matter of fact, closed. The sleep is too strong and you might as well fall asleep on the mat while doing your crunches. Getting into shape never seemed so difficult.
So, does that mean you give up and not fit into that red dress you got for your anniversary?
Heck, no!
You will get into the shape you want and you will rock that red dress. We just need a better alternative to help you out with that.
Which is why, let me introduce you into the world of Zumba!
Yes, Zumba. Sounds like a fancy dance genre like, rumba. Well, you’re close.
Zumba is a style of physical exercise in the form of an upbeat dance routine that helps you lose all the extra calories and maintaining your health by regulating your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Now that I’ve established the scientific importance, another reason to choose Zumba as your form of workout is because IT’S FUN!
Whenever you hit the club your girls, you dance the night away to the coolest tracks ever. Now imagine you get to do that, have fun AND keep yourself healthy and look fabulous while doing it! Sounds like quite the package, right?

And now, to firm your belief about this one, here are a few reasons to pick Zumba instead of those painful chin-ups:

  • Great way to burn extra calories: Zumba is responsible for burning away around 600 to 1000 calories in a day. People who are obese or are looking for physical activities to maintain their physical health, Zumba works perfectly for such individuals.
  • Maintains your health: Zumba helps in regulating the cardiovascular system of your body, as mentioned earlier. The songs chosen are upbeat and have a tempo of about 145 beats per minute. The workout controls a steady pumping of blood, which in turn makes your heart stronger. You require more oxygen and that maintains your aerobic and anaerobic processes. It equally improves your respiration and improves blood pressure.
  • Boosts your confidence: You’re dancing to your favourite song, how can you not feel fantastic? Zumba makes you more confident, outgoing and social. It improves your posture and you walk with your head held higher.
  • Makes you flexible: Zumba can be termed as a form of dance, thus it helps gaining your flexibility over time. Come on, how cool would it be if you can perfect a somersault?
  • It’s customizable: You can zumba your way from the bottom of the rung to the highest. It comes in various levels, helping you adjust better to the style and tempo. There are various forms of Zumba for kids, senior citizens and even incorporated in swimming, known as Aqua Zumba.
  • Less painful: When you do three sets of sit-ups or crunches, you end up with a tremendous muscle ache in your thighs or the waist region. When you zumba, your entire body is active. The pain is less and distributed as each and every part of your body is involved in the choreography.
  • It’s fun: Unlike normal fitness routines, Zumba is upbeat and fun. You can groove all you want and not get bored of the routine. You can add your own moves and make it different every time.

Now that I have convinced you that Zumba is pretty awesome, I think it’s time for you to put your dancing shoes on and Zumba your way to your body goals!
Be it you admiring yourself in the mirror or your boyfriend/husband standing speechless in front of you (because you look stunning in that red dress, remember?), people will end up singing ‘I’m in love with the shape of you’!