Zumba Trainer in India

Zumba is often confused as a dance form which requires a certification. Actually, zumba is an international fitness programme that is inspired by numerous Latin dance forms such as Meringue, Cumbia, Salsa, Latin-pop, Reggaetton, Bachhata, Calypso, Samba etc. Zumba is one of the fun ways to get into shape, it is popular because it is really great for fat burning and all it requires is performing various dance steps. There has been a great increase in demand of zumba trainers and gyms which provide zumba training lately as a 30 minute workout can lead to excessive fat loss which is preferred by people who don’t have much time to spare. Moreover, the need of a creative workout forms is required as people are slowly and steadily getting bored with the traditional form of training.

A zumba trainer needs to be certified in order to conduct proper zumba training and is the basic demand in all the gyms offering zumba training. So, the next question is how to get a certification, for complete details, you can visit www.bfysportsandfitness.com or www.zumba.com.

Career Aspects of Zumba

Zumba has a numerous career aspects, people can go for various career options. These are the few career paths available to people after getting certified.

  1. JobOne can apply for job in various gym and fitness studios where zumba training is available. This career path will pay you less initially because no matter what the field is, experience matters and definitely the salary of an experienced person is much more than a fresher. Moreover, if you want to be on the safer side, you can opt for gyms and fitness studios because job here pays constant salary and there is no chance of losing your job unless you’ve done something against the work ethics. Remember, ethics play a special role in the field of fitness. One can just gain experience from working for a gym and then switch to other career options available in the market.
  2. Freelancing Freelancing is an another business aspect of a zumba trainer but this is next to impossible for a fresher, for this one needs to gain work experience. After having a proper certification and work experience, one needs to put his CV (curriculum vitae) on various sites offering advertisement services; we cannot omit the importance of social media over here, social media has proven to be a great platform to advertise oneself and gain plenty of clients. This field is definitely more tedious as well as tough but definitely pays a lot more than being a zumba trainer in a gym. By freelancing, one can charge a single person or a group of people a certain amount of money for a particular time; he or she may engage clients in various time shifts and maximize profits. This process is tedious because it requires the trainer to travel to different places or houses of their clients and then training them; you cannot train them without actually performing the steps yourself until they learn it, after that you just need to tell them steps and keep counting with rhythm. So, this is pretty tedious as one is required to train almost all the day long initially or showcase the steps and then travel from one place to another.
  3. Opening a Zumba StudioThis is a place which is dedicated entirely to a zumba fitness program. This also requires the owner to hire various other trainers too in order to maximize the profits. He may run multiple small batches at the same time, where people do zumba training in different rooms. This is the most paying option but it requires a great investment. It requires one to buy or rent a large amount of space, put noise absorbing glasses and appropriate flooring so that the batch running in the other room as well as the neighbors doesn’t get disturbed.

Tips for Zumba Instructors

  1. Have FunIf you’re a zumba trainer, you are going to train others for almost your entire life. So, you should always have fun while training and not take it as a burden. This is the most important tip for being a zumba trainer as your inner self is reflected on the outside too, if you’re not enjoying what you are doing, you will end up being lethargic and giving out negative vibes; this will definitely affect your clients and they will either end up quitting or changing the trainer. You need your own ways to make yourself interested in the field of work be it motivation to earn, buy the house of your dreams or a beautiful Corolla.
  2. Work hardAlways remember that this field requires you to put in constant efforts and hard work if you want to continue earning good. If you follow the regular training for weeks, people will just get bored of it eventually, so you need to put in consistent efforts to make it to the expectations of your clients.
  3. MarketingMarketing is the most important aspect of this field, one should not think twice before spending on advertising oneself. Cheap marketing will lead to wastage of money because the investment is low as compared to other marketing sites or firms but the output is comparatively much lower, so remember to invest nicely on good advertising firms and sites.
  4. Work Ethics Work ethics is another important aspect which determines the growth of a zumba trainer’s career. If you are rude or disrespectful to your clients, they will never refer you to other people and leave your training too. So, one should always remember to be polite and friendly to their clients.

Salary Aspects

Salary of a zumba trainer ranges from 10,000 per month to lakhs of rupees; this entirely depends on one’s work ethics, talent, patience and creativity. One who puts in consistent hard work to bring in interest of the clients along with treating them correctly is determined to achieve success pretty soon.

In the end, I would like to wish you luck and tons of success if you’re planning to be zumba trainer. You should always keep in mind the tips provided in the blog in order to achieve success real quick and remember, “Tough times never last, but Tough People Do!” All you need to be is patient and keep up the hard work and consistent efforts.


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