Zoe Mod Gill

Blog by-Pooja Seth

“The number one skill in life is learning not to give up.”

The lady we are talking today is not your regular Mahila. Zoe Mod Gill is the co-founder of Studio 60, New Delhi.

She was a full-time graphic designer but soon she realised that fitness and health were her callings. Her dedication and effort towards her work would make you fall in love with fitness even more. She was not always the fittest girl in her group but was always an active one. Her will to challenge herself led her to where she is today. She started by joining group classes that increased her motivation to be better and better every day. She signed up for a Les Mills group fitness instructor program for Bodypump (weight training).

The journey from being a full-time graphic designer to a gym instructor was not an easy one. She used to find it difficult to take out time for gym and find an hour for her workouts.

It was then when she decided that needed to change her job and become a full-time gym instructor. But people around her were apprehensive of her. They were not ready to believe in her. But Zoe knew what she had to do and followed her passion without paying heed to the naysayers. She wanted to change the stereotypes people had for fitness and was to lose a career as graphic designer. With the opening of studio 60, there was no going back for Zoe.

She was always thrilled to see people being inspired and motivated and decided to inspire people through her studio. Her sole aim is not to make tons of money but to provide every person with the quality workout and attention they deserve. Even when she is out for travelling, she never lets that stop her and she also shares some amazing homeworkouts everytime too.

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She believes in eating healthy and advice everyone to eat healthy 80% of the time. Her diet includes balanced food with lots of protein, healthy fats and carbs but she also believes in rewarding herself and also likes to indulge in some cravings such as chocolates and vadas.  Food is fuel for her and she understands the importance of eating well and loving her self.



.When you open her Instagram page, you will be surprised to see the dedication and hard work she puts in for her clients. You can find so many workouts, tips and tricks you follow. She finds working out so addictive that skipping it becomes a difficult task for her. This is the amount of love and gratitude she has for her work and passion.

She always encourages women to work harder and let no stereotype limit you. She is full of warmth and love and always brings out the best for her people in every which way. Her story gives the message out to everyone to always believe in yourself and let no voice stop you from becoming what you want. JUST DO IT. You are never late to follow your dreams.