Doing yoga or hitting the gym – too difficult a choice to make? Let’s make things easier and look at both not as rivals but close allies. Yes, yoga can be a perfect complement to your body workout and actually add to the benefits you derive from it. The best part is, you can continue with your daily workout routine just the way it is now and simply add a few minutes of yoga practice to it for better results. Physical activity is very important in the current life style to keep up good health. Health expert’s advice to take up exercises, sports or yoga as part of daily routine for a healthy living. But of them Yoga is getting popular recently. This is due to many advantages involved. But those practicing other exercises or gym may be wondering whether to take up yoga instead.

In general all the physical exercise helps to relieve stress, make you active and even enhance the mood. Further they decrease the propensity for disorders like high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, muscle pains etc. But besides above, yoga helps relieve stress, overcome anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders. So one should decide which one they need to take up? Either yoga or other sort of physical activity like gym for a better life.

When the question of Yoga versus gym arises, the present requirement and physiology needs are to be considered. For youngsters, sports men, actors, those concerned about physical appearance, gym may be the best fit.

So for senior citizens, women after delivery, middle age, youngster and sportsmen with an aim to reduce mental stress are better with yoga. For those who work by sitting for long hours, both yoga and work outs are needed. Working for long by sitting leads to problems with low physical activity and also high mental activity. So physical workout like walking, gym, swimming and jogging tend to help physical health. While yoga and meditation will help mental health.

In conclusion, those with anxiety and fickle mind can opt for yoga as a better physical exercise. While those with desire for better body shape and mass can go for gym