Yoga Styles You May Not Have Heard Of.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

Have you found your perfect yoga style? If you enjoy a slow-paced yoga practice, make sure to check out the yoga styles below.

Sivananda yoga

Sivananda style focuses on 5 branches of yoga: breathing, relaxation, exercise, positive thinking and diet. By the way, the practitioners are strongly recommended to stick to a vegetarian diet. A typical Sivananda yoga class would last 90 minutes and start with Sun Salutations and end with Corpse pose. You will also meditate and chant, so if you enjoy the spiritual side of yoga, read more about it and find a class near you.


Viniyoga is a style of Hatha Yoga which focuses on an individual approach. You will be offered to do the modifications of poses depending on your needs and physical conditions. That is why Viniyoga is usually practised one-on-one or in small groups. There are certain aspects that set Viniyoga apart from other styles. For example, you will move in and out of poses before holding them (Repetition & Stay). Plus a lot of focus is put on breathing: you may use different breathing pattern depending on the result you want to achieve (Breathing & Adaptation).

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra meditation feels like a deep sleep while being awake. Here you practise just one asana — Shavasana. But it’s more complicated than it sounds. During your practice, you’ll go through several stages including meditation of the breath and visualization.

As you are lying in a Corpse Pose during your Nidra class, or while listening to a guided Yoga Nidra meditation on your phone you relax you body and mind and sort out your thoughts. Yoga Nidra has a positive effect on your nervous system and improves the quality of your sleep. Just a single practice will leave you energized and refreshed.


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