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Article By: Abhishek Pandit


Yoga-pedia is the application offered by the

It is the website where guitarist gets certification yearly who are most deserving it can be one or more. High school students are considered for this certification. But now certification is allowed for any regular high school student.

This applications is owned by Grant and Adriana, Grant is music lover and his clear mission is to spread music everywhere. With certification he wants to give quality as well in the music. His family and relatives who knew about his passion have supported him a lot and this was enough to boost his spirit and confidence.

Yoga is the best workout which reaches your entire soul and takes you to some other place and relaxes entire human body. Yoga Pedia is one of the app, which provides the Various poses/flows  with details let’s check it out.

They have developers who developers the apps for yoga and offers yoga app for different organization as well. They say “ Imagine having your own yoga app with your brand, messaging and with links back to your registration, special events and retail pages” well its nice thing. Stay fit and calm what everyone wants and yoga is best source for many people who do daily basis.

Yoga boosts you to reach the point when you feel motivated and feel fresh to work again if you like you can’t do it. Yoga is motivation and we thank this new innovation to use yoga app for your organization promotion and to aware people as well for their health. They already have 10 thousands of users across the world.

Yoga Pedia will help you in stress free process as well. And when you sing music you will really feel differently. Right now we just sing for fun but after yoga with stress free mind singing will feel in beautiful way.

How app works: Now there are 3 options

  1. Pose/Flows: In this you will find 4 sections
  2. Pose of the day: It consists yoga pose of the day.
  3. Brose Poses: In this you can browse yoga poses and you can find benefits with detail as well
  4. Video Instruction: In this you will find video with instruction
  5. Show me more: In this you will have the option to upgrade for free.
  6. Guide: In this you will find out about the guide of app.
  7. Introduction: Here you have to pay for extra poses by clicking on the “take me to the market place and show me that a pose for that”.
  8. Categories: You will find out what yoga is all about with different categories like backbends, balance, inversions, mudras, sitting, standing, supine & prone and twists.
  9. App guide: Here you will get guidance of full application.

If you want to be flexible and want to work out from yoga then this application will help you.

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