Yoga Instructor Insights and Business Ideas

India is a great place to learn a lot of things related to fitness industry, the courses over here are comparatively cheaper and offer same value as other. Well, in some fields, India excels the certification and knowledge provided by any other nation in the world; one of these fields is Yoga! Yes, you read that right, Yoga is an art that originated in India and has been in game since 5000 BC. Yoga is one of the most readily available options if you want to be fit, it doesn’t require you to take any additional supplements. Besides making you fit, Yoga adds to your flexibility and well-being; it can cure a number diseases as well as cure chronic pain! Moreover, Yoga can help achieve mental peace, which is need of modern day society!

Since Yoga is famous enough, we need not shed too much light on its benefits, history, etc. What we need to focus on is the business aspect of Yoga. There are certified Yoga trainers in India and all over the world. One needs to be certified in order to be a professional Yoga trainer or instructor.

Life of a Yoga instructor is not as peaceful as you think it to be, it has its own ups and downs. Being a yoga instructor sounds cool but what a full time yoga instructor has to go through is a hidden part of it, which many would not prefer to hear. But, but, but, it is worth it, all the pain and suffering which a newbie yoga trainer has to undergo gives its fruitful results later on.

How to become a Yoga Instructor?

To be a Yoga instructor, one needs to achieve certification in this field. For this, there are a number of options, one can learn from Yogis and go on to teach yoga, which isn’t a certification at all. Now, on the other hand, one can learn from various centers in Goa and Rishikesh, which are pretty famous for their Yoga community and teaching. If you don’t want to take any chances and want to get certified with a certification or accreditation which will be allowed everywhere, you can directly take a course form BFY (Better Fitness For You).

After getting a proper certification, you need to get a professional yoga license; this comes handy if someone undergoes serious injuries or death.

Tips for being a successful Yoga Instructor

  1. Think like a businessman You should always think like businessman while indulging in training sessions because all you do is put your money to gather knowledge (investment) and let it out to other by helping them in return of money (profits). If one feels sympathetic and starts giving out his/her knowledge free of cost to his/her client, they will never be a successful yoga instructor.
  2. Find your purpose and aim in life and be accurate:- This means that one should always remember the purpose in aim in life and why he chose to have such a lifestyle, this would help on fight all odds coming in his/her way to be a successful yogi. Moreover, the spiritual message that each yogi carries within himself is what makes him/her! So, one should be really accurate about the decisions one makes in this career. This not only makes one stand out due to authenticity but also helps in giving one inner peace, which is the sole purpose of yoga!
  3. Remember networking is importantNo network means no growth of business or the name of the yogi. The yogi must always try to get involved in mass yoga functions, workshops and promotional campaigns promoting yoga. This helps spread business real quick and what is famous, is demanded by everyone!
  4. Commitment is the keyThe yogi must remain committed to his/her work, spiritual message and to the purpose in life. This is so because being committed is the only thing that can bring success because no one gets instant success or success when one is just a beginner.
  5. Proper marketingOne needs to market the product properly in order to get the maximum profit! Being a yogi, one can open online yoga classes, tutorials on YouTube and workshops in association with some company that offers accreditations or certifications. One should learn to market oneself and his services on the social media too due to increase in the usage of social media, people are engaging more with businesses that are active on social media because it adds ease of communication.

These were some tips to be successful in the field of yogis, now here are some of the business ideas that are available to all the yogis or aspiring yogis out there:-

  1. Work in a gymThere are many gyms which offer power yoga as a part of aerobics for certain days in a week, one has to contact various gym in order to do so and partner up. This method will definitely pay less to the yogi but when the yogi is working in multiple gyms, he can earn a handsome amount of money. This option is exclusively available to a yogi because they have classes only once a week in a gym and can conduct their classes elsewhere.
  2. Employee in a Yoga StudioThere are places where people are only dedicated to yoga, they just come to do yoga everyday under the supervision of some trained yogi. Here, the yogi needs to contact the yoga studio and impress the owner enough to get hired; getting hired entirely depends on the skills of the yogi as well as the tuning in the spiritual message of the yogi and the owner of the yoga studio!
  3. Own a Yoga StudioOne can also open a yoga studio in order to get the maximum benefits. Here, the yogi needs to hire other yogis. This studio works in a way similar to a gym, only difference being that it solely focuses on yoga. For this, one needs to put in investment but the profits are great too!
  4. Teacher for an academy offering accreditations or certificationThis one is the most lucrative and well-paying of all the other options because it ensures a constant job, constant as well as great pay! This way one can also gain a lot of experience with other pupils as the people coming to get certified aren’t only doing it for fitness but are equally interested in the field like the yogi. So, one gets to know the spiritual perspective of others too!
  5. Offer outdoor classes One can also choose to give outdoor lessons; in this case, there are no particular investments except for the ones in marketing oneself. This revolves around the concept of free space training, where one just calls his/her pupils in an open area (public) and teaches them there!
  6. Become a teacher at holiday spotsPeople like to get indulged in spiritual training during their holidays and leisure time, so giving out classes at holiday spots or teaching yoga to common people at popular holiday destinations can yield great profits!

This was all about the life of yoga instructor, tips for them and the appropriate business ideas available for them! To sum it all up, life isn’t easy for a yogi yet it is rewarding! I wish you luck and tons of success if you’re going to get in this field!