Yoga fundamentals SCW course II

blog by:  (Sriparna Samajdar)

A healthy body is essential  to enjoy life to the fullest. And yoga  can provide  a great deal of health. Yoga is not   any vigorous exercise which  you will get exhausted of doing  after a whole tiring  day. It is a very peaceful, systematic, and  rhythmic  movements. Along with performing regular yoga you must follow a set of rules in your life regarding  diet and rest to have efficient  effect of yoga. This second edition of SCW Yoga Course is developed to give a detailed theoretical  approach towards  hath yoga posture, tailored for fitness environment. This course  will bring you more in tune with your body and mind. It is   a more spiritual step towards attending peace within you by yoga.

This course will cover basics along with high form of chakra balancing. Various mobility and stability videos will be  shown to understand the postures and asanas more clearly. This Speciality Certificate course  is important if you want to learn more evolved and proper yoga asanas as it focuses on eight  limbs of yoga. With more challenging asanas and detailed pranayama study along with chanting and chakras will be taught in the programme.

The course is more suitable for fitness professional with prior yoga experience. Although fitness enthusiasts  can also join this course. You will get a huge amount  of clients by being a certified professional yoga expert. Yoga is an art of living, originally from India but it is now being accepted all  over the world. So it will widen your horizons  and  you will have a lot of opportunities no matter wherever you go.

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