Yoga and its benefits

Blog by-Pooja Seth

Yoga benefits

You may have seen a lot of people practising yoga everywhere. Yoga has many scientific benefits and when combined with exercise can help to tone and sculpt the body. Yoga provides a lot of strength to the body because to hold the yoga pose, you need a strong body. Yoga can be done by everybody and can be done even at home. You just need to have the right mat and wear comfortable clothes. Unlike other exercises which are difficult for old age people, yoga can be performed by them. Yoga is of various types and each type stresses on different benefits. Some people only perform, breathing exercises while some do all the complex asanas.

Yoga serves as the bridge between meditation and spirituality. Yoga has been there from almost 5000 years. It refers to the union of mind, body and spirit. The union is achieved by people by doing physical poses called asanas. People all over the world are practising yoga to attain different goals. Some people take up for the muscular body while some take it for mental peace. People are combining yoga with other forms of exercises to achieve benefits faster.

Yoga helps an individual to be the best version of themselves and can be practised by anyone.Each yoga pose has its own importance and purpose.Most of the yoga poses are not easy but can be learned by practice. You cannot master it in one go, you need to be disciplined and consistent to master yoga and attain all the benefits it brings with itself.You have to start yoga with the right mindset.Yoga can be quite difficult but you have to keep on moving forward to attain the benefits of yoga.

Always remember that slow and steady wins the class. Practising yoga is not a race but a journey in which you will discover the strength of your body and the power it has.Yoga is a very beautiful practice and helps us to live a better life in all aspects.

Our lives are filled with stress and if we don’t find a solution to calm our minds, we will not be able to work and live properly. Remaining calm in difficult circumstances is not an easy task but can be achieved by practising yoga.

People are getting more interested in yoga for the benefits. Yoga brings with it many benefits and is one of the most loved ancient practice.Let us explore the many benefits it brings with itself.

1.It increases spirituality.

2.It has the ability to heal many ailments such as heart problems, disorders.

3.It improves the immune system.

4.It enhances flexibility.

5.It boosts the mental power.

6.It helps you achieve relaxation and harmony.

7.It provides relief from pain of sclerosis, arthitis and other chronic diseases.

8.It reduces stress.

9.It strengthens muscles.

  1. It increases the awareness of the body.

11.It improves blood circulation.

  1. It helps to lower blood pressure.

13.Asthanga and Vinyasas Yoga increase strength.

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