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Article By: Abhishek Pandit


This application is you can say a personal trainer for you. It will help you with many sections of body and as per your needs it will give you workouts as well. This Application is develop by SKIMBLE.


There are 2 co-founders for skimble:-

  1. Gabriel Vanrenen(CTO):

Resident: San Francisco, CA

Founder of Skimble and fitness fanatic/ avid rock climber. He is a mobile technology guru having passion of creating products that will aids people to live healthy lives. He also co-founded flurry acquired by Yahoo! in 2014 and also worked at Wily Technology before its acquisition by CA.

Gabe(Gabriel) is graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA degree in Computer science.

  1. Maria Ly(CEO):

Resident: San Francisco

She grew up as dancer, doing gymnastics, figure skating and power cheering. Nowadays she is doing rock climbing, bouldering, yoga, mountaineering and biking. She also is having technology experience with Google, Flurry and Cypress.

Maria holds the degree of BASc in computer engineering from University of Waterloo.

How it works:

  1. It will ask for your active status means how often you exercise there are 3 options i.e. I exercise regularly, I go through Phases and consider me a newbie. You have to choose one.
  2. Now as per your selection in first step then at 2nd step you will be asked for your goals or you can say your wants i.e. for losing weight, strengthen core, target upper body, target lower body, build muscle, tone muscle, improve endurance and improve flexibility.
  3. In third assessment you have select if you want to burn calories then set your gender, date of birth and weight. (Optional)
  4. Now you have to pick up your interest likes(Pick up to three)
  5. Conditioning: Strengthen & Tone, Bootcamp, Weight Loss, Aerobics, Tabata, HIIT/Interval, Bodyweight and Stay Fit Lifestyle.
  6. Performance Training: Triathlons, crossfit, core conditioning, athletic performance, marathon training, Endurance Performance and sports
  7. Functional Training: Plyometrics, Suspension and Balance
  8. Yoga: Asthanga, stress reduction/relaxtion, yoga, yin-yoga, meditation & breathing and vinyasa.
  9. Weightlifting: Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Olympic lifting and figure athletics
  10. Specialty: Corporate fitness, women-focused, barre, dance, pre & postnatal, senior fitness, men-focused, pilates, spinning/cycling, kick-boxing, youth fitness and rock climbing.
  11. Diet & Nutrition: Healthy Dieting, Sports Nutrition and Food & recipes.
  12. Health Conditions: Massage Therapy, Physician, Back Pain, Arthritis, Diabetes, Injury rehab and Physical Therapy
  13. Then you will be asked to login/sign-up then you will get all workout plans from here as per your choice. (Gmail/ Google-plus/ Facebook needed)
  14. Select your workout days as per that you will get schedule for the workout for full week. Remember there are some paid workout as well means for those workout plans you need to pay first then you get them in pro version.
  15. As per trainers you can select as well if you liked any.
  16. Many recommendations you will find as well.

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