WORKOUT – “No Pain No Gain”: A Fact or A Fallacy???

Blog by: Jyoti Hassanandani.

“No Pain No Gain” is an exercise motto and is no misnomer until you don’t over complicate it by extending your efforts beyond your sustainable capabilities. While it is true that results are always proportional to efforts put in and you have to push beyond your current abilities, remember being over zealot can result in undesired circumstances. We have witnessed several incidences whatsoever. Unbeknownst to the repercussions when people try to take leaps they end up in injuries.

So what should one do? Push or not push harder? I would say Push but be sagacious enough in your choices. Explore your abilities “progressively” and not “abruptly”. Progress without overly shocking yourself or your body. CONSISTENCY IN YOUR PROGRESS IS THE KEY.

Exercise pain is never excruciating. Exercise pain is “sweet pain” and as long as it is sweet it is good. Muscle fever is an outcome of this sweet pain. It means you exercised intensely enough to develop tiny tears in your muscle. When these tears are rebuilt, your muscles can become larger and stronger. But the moment exercise pain encumbers you, understand that u are going in wrong direction. The sweet pain gives u a sense of fulfillment (or accomplishment). The not so sweet pain hurts you and makes you want to give up. Be aware enough to be able to discern between the two.

Remember you workout with your brain not with your body. Brain can judge how much strength the body has. People who go on taking pain to the extent that they get injured have actually jeopardized the whole motive of this statement in fitness. There is no bravery attached to lifting heavy without proper form and proper training. No pain, no gain  promises  greater  value  rewards  for  the  price  of  hard  and  even  painful  work provided you act judiciously!!