Women’s cancer awareness

Blog By : Riya Rathore

Non-communicable diseases are assuming increasing importance among the adult population in both the developed and developing countries. Cardio-vascular diseases and Cancer are at present the leading causes of death in developed countries accounting for approximately 70-75% of total deaths. The prevalence of these diseases is showing an upward trend in most of the countries and for several reason this trend is likely to increase. With increasing traffic and violence, injuries are taking a heavy toll. Life expectancy is increasing in most of the countries and a greater number of people are living up to older ages and are at present at risk of developing chronic diseases of various kinds. Gynecologic cancers are cancers that start in a woman’s reproductive organs.

The five main types are cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar cancer. Every year, more than 80,000 women in the United States are told they have a gynecologic cancer, and more than 25,000 women die from a gynecologic cancer. Yemisi is a 41 year old first-time mom. She noticed a tiny lump in her breast in the last trimester of pregnancy and was worried what it might be. She shared with her doctors and it was advised that she delivered the baby and then seek medical help for the breast issue. She delivered safely. Her beautiful daughter Adrielle is 14 months old – a gift she had waited for over 7 years and then conceived naturally (while considering IVF)! Further tests and biopsy conducted confirmed lumps. The mission of Globe-athon is to increase awareness of women’s cancer, address disparities, and transcend barriers (i.e. ethnic, racial political, geographic, financial, cultural and religious) through educational outreach and global community engagement. The Globe-athon to End Women’s Cancer is a call to action for advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, survivors and the lay public to unify their global efforts in a common goal of fostering public awareness and education about gynecologic cancer . Ovarian cancer is diagnosed annually in nearly a quarter of a million women globally, and is responsible for 140,000 deaths each year. Statistics show that just 45% of women with ovarian cancer are likely to survive for five years compared to up to 89% of women with breast cancer. Symptoms of ovarian cancer can often be confused with other less serious conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders  abdominal size / persistent bloating Difficulty eating/feeling full quickly, Abdominal or pelvic pain , Needing to pass urine more urgently or more frequently.

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