Why you need wellness



Blog by-Pooja Seth

According to The World Health Organization-“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

We need wellness to live a quality life, be it physical wellness or mental wellness. Life is all about balancing and in order to balance things in life, we need a strong mental foundation. And it is only formed when we commit ourselves to work to become the best version of ourselves.

Wellness can be achieved by making slight changes in your lifestyle. Take some time out from your day and make a routine of exercise and meditation. Meditations and affirmations are very helpful to bring peace. Substitute your junk food with healthier options. It is not necessary that you become a gym addict but slight modifications in habits such as taking stairs instead of the lift, having an apple instead of munching on potato chips. These small changes will provide you wellness which will reflect in all aspects of your life.

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We have heard that health is wealth but let us look at the reasons why actually being mentally and physically healthy will help you.

Look at 10 reasons that will compel you to need wellness.

1. Healthy heart-Regular exercise helps to increase the circulation of blood and promotes a healthy heart. It keeps your heart muscles strong and improves cardiorespiratory.

2. A calm mind and ability to make better decisions- Daily meditation and affirmations help to maintain mental health, when our mind is calm, we make better decisions and helps us to focus on things better.

3. Improve your sleep quality- When we are physically and mentally well, we are able to sleep more soundly. Exercise helps to trigger the deep, nourishing sleep that the body craves most for replenishment.

4. Helps you discharge your tensions-According to the doctors’ book of home remedy, numerous studies show that exercise can help you overcome the blues.

5. Keeps you mentally strong and gives more mental stability- We all have negative thoughts in our mind that makes our mind very unstable, In order to gain stability, mental wellness is the first step.

6. Helps you to manage stress and improves self-confidence- When you are physically well, you automatically feel good about yourself and gain self-confidence, and that shows in every task you take on.

7. Prevents many chronic diseases-It is a known fact that physical and mental fitness keeps many chronic diseases at bay.

8. Control high blood pressure- You can also control your high blood pressure by being active.

9.reduce risk of cancers-Many cancer risks is reduced by making slight changes in lifestyle.

10. Strengthen bones and muscles- Having healthy food and being active boosts the bone strength and muscles. It provides more endurance and mobility.

Always remember that “you are the temple ” and “you always have a choice”.

If small changes in your daily life can bring you so many benefits then why not shift to wellness and grab all the amazing benefits and a wonderful life.

It always starts with you!