why you cannot ignore fermented food and macro nutrients

blog by:   (Sriparna Samajdar)

Fermented food and macronutrients are the basic functional food in maintaining overall health. It prevents  many diseases as it contains essential fatty acids. Disease like cardiovascular, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, inflammatory disease, gastrointestinal disease, and autoimmune diseases are  mainly cured and get treated to a lot extent by consuming essential macronutrients enriched food. The disease by which  the whole world seems to be  suffering  from is obesity, and the fermented food and macronutrients  consumption is  best in fighting obesity. Many autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis  are cured by fermented food. The problems related  to  menopause  are treated by having a nutrient input in your diet. The disorders like insomnia, fatigue syndrome, baldness are all can be cured by having fermented food. Fermented  product contains high amount of micronutrients as they fermentation takes place  by bacteria. Foods like curd, yoghurt, kimchi , pickled vegetables are all very fruitful for our health.

The fermented foods and macronutrients online CE course  4th edition is what will make you aware and conscious of the disease that  are occurring daily in every household.  The course will cover form the basic details of how fatty acids are essential  to our food components  to describing  different functions  of our  body, the role of probiotics and  prebiotics, the importance of plant stanol esters in our body and how it affects our blood cholesterol level. This course will also train and teach you by the American Hearts Association’s  recommendations regarding fish intake and intake of fish oil and its necessary significance.

This course is apt for you to become more attentive of the diseases  easily spreading today only due to our lack and ignorance towards our food and diet. So stop ignoring what you eat and try to  become conscious  of the necessary food nutrients you are  consuming which will affect you in the long run.