Why we love wellness

Blog by-Pooja Seth

We are what we pretend to be, so we better be careful what we pretend to be- Kurt Vonnegut Mother Night.

Wellness has been defined as-

an approach to personal health that emphasizes individual responsibility for well-being through the practice of health-promoting lifestyle behaviours.

– Hurley and Schlaadt,1992


Like health, wellness has the same dimensions such as physical, mental, social, spiritual, intellectual. People who understand these dimensions and practice wellness tend to have these qualities:

  1. Manage emotional needs well.
  2. Balance work and other aspects of life.
  3. Maintain a positive and health-promoting lifestyle
  4. Develop positive relationships with others
  5. Live with more confidence and appreciate their surroundings.
  6. Are more patient
  7. do something about their problems as they arise
  8. Are more satisfies by their life
  9. Are better at coping stress
  10. Are more satisfied with life

People are always running after shedding weight but we are addicted to wellness. Wellness is more than just about weight and sculpting your body. Wellness is the way we live our life. Our small habits of everyday make up our wellness. People should make their goal shift from getting the right weight to being well. When we understand and practise wellness daily, it rewards us in its own way. People need to have a deep understanding of what is wellness and how it contributes to health. We all live in a fast-paced world and seldom have the time or take time out for our own selves. To live a healthy and a fulfiling life, you have to spare some time from your day. With stress levels scaling day by day, it is very important to incorporate wellness because it helps us to live better and has a strong mental foundation.

If you happen to be on the lazy side of life, you need to reprogram your mind. Our mind is the most powerful, it can be programmed to achieve anything. Programming here does not mean that you need someone to fix your brain and rewire it. Programming here means to challenge what your mind believes, our mind only believes what we think and tell it. It is the mind which can create illness or wealth. Start taking daily affirmations with your mind and say to yourself 300-400 times a day anything you want your mind to believe. For e.g, if you want to take up healthy eating, repeat in your mind 300 times at least for 30 days that, “I love my body and I will eat healthily”. When you will repeat this in your mind every day, you will see the difference.

People often wonder how to incorporate wellness in their routine. Just by making small changes in your day, you can start your wellness journey. Start waking up in the morning and do meditation, take out time for exercise even for 15 mins, Fill your plate with healthy alternatives and ditch the oily and fatty food. One of the most effective ways to promote wellness and change undesirable behaviours is through the use of image-visualization.

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health and wellness by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty, Kelli McCormack Brown