Article by Dr. Sonica Krishan

This age-old, low-calorie, plant-based sweetener known as Stevia is making quite some news of late in the world of healthcare. And this is as the experts-approved natural alternative for artificial and processed sources of sugar.

Why Is Stevia Sought-After?

  • Primarily grown in the regions of Brazil and Paraguay, this plant has been celebrated since hundreds of years by the traditional system of medicine as a promising source of promoting our overall health.
  • The sweetness quotient of this herb is about 30 times more as compared to processed sugar.
  • And therefore, adding only a little amount of stevia goes a long way in catering to your sweet tooth, minus any calories, carbs and artificial ingredients.

More Healthcare Merits!

  • Besides, it instantly satiates your cravings for sweet, and therefore, helps you to more easily and effectively manage your weight better.
  • Not only this, being absolutely natural and safe for consumption, stevia extract comes loaded with a whole host of plant-based vitamins and minerals.
  • It is for this reason that Stevia not only adds some much-desired sweetness to the food, but also offers a host of other health benefits to those consuming it on a regular basis.
  • However, owing largely to its strong anti-diabetic properties, The herb of Stevia is being especially recommended for those suffering from diabetes.

Sweet And Yet Diabetic Friendly

Now here’s how this diabetic-friendly sweetener really works.

  1. Stevioside, the active compound found in Stevia, helps in bringing down the blood-sugar level which often tends to rise post meal.
  2. By acting on the pancreas and promoting its health and function, this particular herb helps to increase the insulin production in your body.
  3. This is while it also rises its effect on various cell membranes.
  4. Therefore this particular function also increases your body’s sensitivity towards insulin, and delivers some incredible hyperglycaemic assistance.
  5. At the same time, Stevia helps regulate the sugar and glucose levels, while also maintaining a normal glucose metabolism.

Wound Healing Property

  • Delayed healing of wounds is another common problem faced by diabetics.
  • And, the regular consumption of stevia addresses that as well, by allowing the wounds to heal faster and better.

All these properties are precisely what make it a sweet option for people who often feel deprived of some sweetness in their lives.

Weight-loss Support

  • Apart from managing diabetes, while this all-natural sweetener goes a long way in preventing the symptoms often associated with a rising blood sugar and interestingly, it also aids the process of weight loss.
  • Obese and weight-conscious people in general are especially particular about the kind and amount of sugar they consume.
  • That is where consuming stevia could do wonders.

How It Helps To Lose Weight?

  • The reason being this is that while sugar contains an overwhelmingly large number of calories and no matter how much sugar you add, the craving almost never ends.
  • And you could surely be keep longing for more.
  • However, with Stevia, you cannot go overboard as only about a spoon or two makes you feel happy and full.
  • Moreover, you could still enjoy a wholesome life with just the amount of sweetness that you need.
  • Besides, stevia adds an array of nutrients and health benefits of its own to the foods that you would add it to.

Introducing Stevia To Diet

About 8 milligrams per kilogram of body weight is considered absolutely safe for consuming this natural sugar-substitute on an everyday basis.

  1. Recipe Idea

You can start your day on a ‘stevia sweet’ note by adding it to your meal, such as in a nice, warm cup of regular tea / coffee.

2. Recipe Idea

You could prepare Stevia herbal tea by steeping freshly sourced leaves in a cup of boiling hot water for about 5-7 minutes. In fact, you can easily take it about two to three times a day for improved benefits.

3. Recipe Idea

As far as breakfast is concerned, you can even sprinkle some powdered stevia extract on a platter of fresh fruits, or in some yogurt or oatmeal.

4. Recipe Idea

Later during the day, if you feel like sipping on a refreshing glass of mocktail that is sweet in taste and easy on your blood sugar, you can do this with Stevia. All you need to do is simply pound some fresh, clean leaves and add them to a beverage of your choice.

5. Recipe Idea

Alternatively, you may also prepare a syrup made using Stevia extract and store it by adding some warm water to it. Use this ready-to-use syrup within 24 hours, as and when required.

Stevia would not only make for a refreshingly delightful substitute for sugar, but also keep a check on those pounds. You could soon see yourself getting used to its taste and texture. Not only this, you might see a change in your preference towards stevia over processed or artificial sweeteners.