Why is Basic Diet and Nutrition course such a huge opportunity these days?

Blog by:(Akshita Piplani)

Are you ‘The Healthy One’ when it comes to diet and nutrition?
Do you love the idea of helping others solve their nutritional challenges?
Would you love more freedom and control in your life—and help your family more?
Whatever your motivation, you’ll be amazed at the bright new career that awaits you in the near future, by taking a nutrition course.

Nutritionists enjoy much more than just great demand for their services these days—often working from their own homes.

You may have even seen one or more around your own workplace… or on television… or through a friend… and thought to yourself, “That could be me… No, that should be me…”

The sky’s the limit here, with so many trying to eat healthier and improve their physical well-being. Whether individual or organizational, they’re willing to pay for advice. Studying for interest or for a career – the choice is yours.

Nutritionist and dieticians are health professionals who create diets for people. Teaching patients about health eating is a primary duty, as well as staying aware of developments in medicine and nutrition. However, there is a difference between dietetics and nutrition: dietetics focuses on food management, whereas nutrition focuses on the promotion of health through healthy food.

Dieticians: They plan, monitor and supervise the diet for patients (with medical conditions like diabetes, food allergies, gastro-intestinal disorders etc.) across hospitals, clinics, health centres, sports centres or their own private clinics. Dieticians are responsible for recommending proper, as well as corrective, food and eating habits, while taking into account the patient’s health, lifestyle, age, potential allergies and food preferences.

To be a dietician you need to have compulsorily completed a bachelors and/ or masters/ PG diploma degree in Dietetics (in which nutrition can be an added subject.)

Nutritionists can go into research as well as work as nutrition consultants and advisors, public health and health promotion officers, community development officers, quality and nutrition coordinators, food technologists etc.

A nutritionist can upgrade herself to become a dietician by studying the required dietetics course and getting a license (only in some countries.)

All dietitians can call themselves as “nutritionists” or “dietitian-nutritionist” but nutritionists cannot call themselves as “dietitians”.

Through the promotion of a healthy diet, nutritionists/dieticians try to help improve their patients’ quality of life and overall well-being. Nutritionists/dieticians also help create meal plans for institutions, which – besides hospitals and private clinics – may allow them to work in places like nursing homes, schools, prisons, community health programs and home health care agencies.

Having read this far, you’ve got what it takes – motivation. Now all you have to do is get started. But how do you get there from here—from your current situation to your new career? One way is to register today for our ‘Basic Diet and Nutrition’ course at BFY Sports Fitness.

You’ve waited long enough – why wait any longer? Go ahead and do something for yourself, to make your dreams a reality.

We look forward to helping you succeed.