Why do you always get up tired in the morning?


Blog By: Kartikeya Chaturvedi


Yes, we all know that we all have a habit of sleeping a bit late, even when we are on a strict diet and regime. But can that only be the reason of us being very tired when we get up after the night’s sleep? I am sure this might also be the very reason why the whole day just goes by and we do not get to know of it until the very late night time comes back,and you’re again ready to skip the “early to bed” tradition. Following reasons tell us the real story!

  1. Being dehydrated


    More often than not we forget the importance of staying hydrated. Our body majorly is made up of water and just like if you don’t water your plants they die, our bodies react in various ways when we are dehydrated. Hydrating your body doesn’t mean that you need to fill it up with caffeinated drinks, tea or sugary fizzy stuff. ‘Water’ is the magical word. You will be surprised what gallons of water can do to your body. Your organs will function efficiently, your hunger pangs will decrease, you will feel refreshed, and all this will lead to a healthy sleep pattern, leaving you charged up in the morning.

  2. Lack of excercise

    Even though it’s essential that exercise should be an integral part of your routine, but if you force yourself to sleep every night, tossing and turning and eventually managing to sleep well only by the time you have to wake up for work, then it’s a sign that you need to inculcate some sort of physical routine in your day since your quality of sleep is being compromised.

  3. Medical Problems

    Besides the above listed factors, your drowsiness in the morning could be a major sign of an underlying health ailment. Your morning exhaustion could be an indication of vitamin deficiencies, anaemia, thyroid problem or some other ailment. You must consult your doctor and undergo all the recommended tests if this has become a routine for you.

  4. Depression


    If increasing your sleep hours is not leaving you rejuvenated but instead making you run for a caffeine kick to work, then you need to analyse if you are stressing about something or your mood is dawning over your sleep. Being depressed or stressed multiplies fatigue and drowsiness. The cycle of an uneasy sleep with a confused mental pattern will repeat and keep affecting your strength.

If any of the above are happening in your life, try and get rid of it fast. Eat healthy, stay healthy and everything’s gonna be alright 🙂

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