Why do our joints pain?

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Dt. Varsha Mishra
Dr. Varsha Mishra

Osteoarthritis is among the most common reasons of joint pain,especially knee pain. Relief in symptoms is possible with lifestyle changes and right supplementation.

We are all familiar with joint pain. To be precise, joint pain refers to soreness, pain and or discomfort in any joint of our body. In the current scenario, when we have little time to focus on our health, joint pain has become common even in young people. Anything unhealthy, in general, can cause decline joint health. Poor lifestyle, including sedentary habits, ultimately result in poor bone health, and thus,cause joint pain.Constituents of poor lifestyle may include a lack of physical activity and improper diet (especially one deficient in calcium), or stress, which result in painful joints.

Why do our joints pain?

Various reasons of joint pain could include injuries, overuse of particular joints, infectious diseases of the bone, and osteoarthritis(OA).Of these reasons, osteoarthritis is a major reason for joint pain. Osteoarthritis mainly affects older people. Thus, old age is a cause, among other key reasons, for joint pain, and especially for knee pain.

Who is affected the most by joint pain?

Old people are most affected with joint pain, especially knee pain, as osteoarthritis affects many older people. Osteoarthritis mainly occurs in aged people because our bodies’ cartilages begin to wear down with aging.As the knee joint is among the most overburdened joint of the body, any bone related issue may initially show up as a knee pain.

Currently, even young people are becoming victims of joint pain because of poor lifestyles and inappropriate diet. Overweight people are another category of people at greater risk of developing joint pain, and more specifically knee pain.

How to manage pain in the joint and improve joint health?

  • Physical activity- It may appear difficult to move when you face excruciating joint pain, yet physical activity is universally accepted as the most basic and important aspect of dealing with joint pain. However, in extreme cases, one must follow the advice and exercise as directed by a trained physiotherapist, instead of following just any randomly selected physical activity to control joint pain.
  • Lose weight, especially if you are overweight- This would help in reducing symptoms and discomfort of joint pain. Among various other reasons for joint pain, obesity is a key cause. Therefore, weight control can definitely provide relief, by reducing symptoms of joint pain, especially of back pain and knee pain.
  • Eat right- Diet has a definite role in proving relief in the symptoms of joint pain. Inflammation produces free radicals, and it is important to minimize free radical damage through detoxification. This is among the reasons why nutritionists advise that your diet must have ample antioxidants. A diet rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, and beta carotene and omega-3 fatty acids is helpful in obtaining pain relief for the joints and in preventing further damage to the joints. One should avoid packaged, processed and deep fried food as these lead to additional weight gain and do not impart any health benefit or relief in pain.
  • Natural Herbs- Researches suggests that some ancient herbs are actually beneficial in joint pain conditions and can impart relief in symptoms of knee pain.Fit Body™ Joint care Veg Capsules by BestSource Nutrition contains a perfect blend of these natural& effective herbs in standardized amounts for the best joint care.A few of these herbs include-
    • Shallaki extract- Supplementation with this was seen to significantly decrease knee pain & joint pain of patients of knee osteoarthritis with knee pain, as suggested in a research published by Kimmatkar et al, 2003.
    • Vanda roxburghii root extract-This has a potent ability to scavenge free radicals, which are responsible for harming joints. In a study by Shamsul et al, 2017,Vanda roxburghii root extract showed significant antioxidant activity.
    • Adrak extract (ginger)-This is another herb whose effects were studied and reported by Bartels et al, 2014.The subjects using adrak extracts showed pain reduction. The ability of adrak extract to inhibit and decrease inflammatory mediators makes it helpful in controlling osteoarthritis. Thus, it was reported as useful in joint and knee pain.

Though many herbs in the market claim to provide positive results for preventing and controlling knee pain and joint pain, Fit Body™ Joint care by BestSource Nutrition is a completely safe and effective way to bring relief in osteoarthritis and joint pain as it is optimized for providing joint care for mobility, flexibility and joint health. It is effective in reducing joint Inflammation & pain, while helping in decreasing joint stiffness and swelling.