Why choose ACE course certification

blog by:  ( Sriparna Samajdar)

While choosing a certificate course in fitness and health profession you need to be very careful which course to choose and especially from where to do the course. It has to be from somewhere which provide a quality certification standards and legally defensive when it comes to law. One such reputed course is provided by American Council of Exercise ( ACE) founded in 1985.  It is a very prestigious institution which provide certification courses in US and 77 other countries. ACE offers four fitness certifications:

Personal trainer certification

Advanced health +fitness training certification

Group fitness instructor certification

Health coach certification


If you want to pursue a fitness certificate course then ACE is the best place for you. It is one of the most sought after certificates in fitness profession. It will get you the high standards of job and promotion with this certificate course. ACE certification always makes a good professional impression on clients who look for such qualified trainers. The NCCA accreditation recognizes the value of ACE certification among more than 300 fitness certification programmes available to the public. By upholding this standard this certificate will give you a competitive advantage in this field when considered for job and other employment opportunities.

This course is ideal for fitness, wellness, health care, human resource and health professionals who want to make a difference in people’s live by encouraging and guiding them. The course will cover fitness regime, nutrition and balanced lifestyle behavior. To  appear for the ace qualifying exam  you need be at least 18 years old and submit proper documentation of an NCCA accredited certification in fitness, nutrition, health care, human resource or related field or an associate’s degree or higher from of an accredited college or university in fitness.

So if you follow nutrition and well balanced diet or if you are one of the fitness obsessed person of your group or love guiding people about health and exercise or you have a fitness blog, or if you watch the health and fitness channel all day to get updated on the work out exercises, this course will help get the achievement you need and get you closer to your goal to inspire and motivate people about the perks of being fit and active in our daily life.