Why become an Aerobics instructor /Group trainer

blog by:  (Sriparna Samajdar)

When it comes to full body exercises, nothing can be compared to aerobics. It improves the body circulation, helps your body use oxygen better and most of all, it increases the body endurance as we can work out better without getting tired. In India, diabetes and heart disease is the most common disease, present in every household. Aerobics is one of few exercise forms which reduces the risk of developing heart disease, helps reduces the risk of developing diabetes along with reducing body fat. The world is now moving forward to fitness revolution as everybody these days are very well aware of the health related problems caused by our long work hours and no exercise. If you are interested in fitness programmes then this course is the one for you to be a fitness specialist and help people in this exercise revolution.

The course will give you proper certification in aerobics and group training. It will provide guidance and support for placements and promotion. Regular workshops and seminars by national and international presenters will be held.  The programme will be covering all kinds of exercise forms and physiology. Nutrition, body composition, injury prevention, emergency training, and motivational training all are taught in the course. The programme will also teach group sessions exercises like music, choreography, class movements, aerobics, burnout fitness sessions.

If you are interested in fitness regime and follow fitness diets and exercises or have a fitness blog where you write, or have a background of fitness trainee, trainer, sports coach, fitness writer, can apply for this course, and be a certified professional. In many corporate offices there is fitness trainer or group trainers who train people and it is becoming a very high profile job these days as corporate professionals are very much indulging in fitness and training sessions. Whether from a company CEO to marketing manager to an office temp, the job is so tiring that they go to gym for relaxation and work out.  There are many corporate houses which hire such certified professional to train their employees. They even have their own gym where they hire such group trainers. So if you are a fitness fanatic, go for it. The opportunities are numerous.