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For a variety of reasons, wheat germ oil happens to be an extremely healthy option to be included in our everyday diet and lifestyle. As is evident by the name, the wheat germ oil is derived directly from wheat germ, the most nutritious component found in the wheat kernel. This oil, therefore, comes loaded with a host of healthy nutrients, such as vitamin E, vitamin B 6, vitamin B complex, essential fatty acids, proteins, and folic acid, etc. Various minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorous and potassium also form a major part of this oil. The presence of these essential nutrients is something that makes wheat germ oil so rich on its health and nutritional quotient, that even doctors across the world absolutely recommend its ‘regular’ consumption. Wondering why? Let’s read on!

Delays Premature Ageing –

The presence of such a vast variety of minerals makes the wheat germ oil apt for cellular repair. Moreover, it has quick absorbent capabilities. Therefore, its topical application helps preserve the overall texture of our skin as well as our hair. Another advantage is that it moisturizes and heals from within, thus removing any dead cells, reducing skin damage and maintaining an even skin tone and providing anti-aging merits. No wonder why such a large variety of commercial beauty products are also using it as a major ingredient in their products.

Acts as an Antioxidant –

By fighting the free radicals in our body, wheat germ oil acts against the oxidative stress and as well prevents the occurrence of various simple to severe diseases in our body.

Helps Maintain a Healthy Heart –

Wheat germ oil goes a long way in keeping our heart healthy by keeping the bad cholesterol at bay, and increasing the overall blood circulation in our body. Moreover, this oil is believed to amplify as well as protect the cardiovascular health.

Improves Muscular Energy –

Wheat germ oil is also known to contain excellent energy-boosting capabilities, and for this very reason it is especially recommended to those who are involved in rigorous physical activities. This oil contains a long, saturated chain of primary alcohol known as Octacosanol, which gives the necessary strength to our muscles to carry out those vigorous activities. It therefore curbs any chances of frequent fatigue.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits –

The natural anti-inflammatory properties contained in the Wheat germ oil makes it highly supportive for enhancing the body’s resistance power and aids considerably in supporting the immune system.

Helps Keep Stress Away –

Thanks to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, the wheat germ oil looks well after our nervous system. These fatty acids present in this oil, along with vitamin B complex, help reduce stress and anxiety and help us in keeping an elevated mood.

Skincare Benefits –

Whereas the Wheat germ oil provides with age-defying lift to your skin, it also aids in keeping a number of skin maladies at bay.

Regulates Sugar Levels –

The regular consumption of wheat germ oil goes a long way in keeping that tab on the blood sugar levels, thus controlling the emergence or growth of diabetes to a great extent.

Panacea of Health Benefits

Therefore, as Wheat germ oil fights with free radicals, reduces oxidative stress and improves immunity, this is slowly but surely making its way as dietary supplement for health-savvy people across the world. This is encouragingly being used as one of the much-favoured cooking oils, and also as a flavouring agent. And at the same time, medicos find the Wheat germ oil as an ideal supplement for cardio-diabetic patients, lassitude and general debility. The sheer goodness of this particular oil can also be availed by using its supplements available in the market. The awareness regarding its role in the health sector is still building up. However, the therapeutic benefits have absolutely been established by the experts from the area.