What Makes Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Exceptional Antioxidant?



Amla, also known as the good-old Indian gooseberry, happens to be dynamo of antioxidants. And we are not just talking about the quantity, but the absolute variety and complexity of the antioxidants. These belong to many categories including polyphenols, tannins and even flavonoids.

Vitamin C Is Abundant In Amla

However, a principally prominent one among these is Vitamin C, which makes up about most part of this fruit.

  • Vitamin C is definitely a great antioxidant in itself.
  • It is known to aid the regeneration of various other antioxidants in our body.
  • Other than this, Amla also features various health giving vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients.
  • This includes a assortment of  nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin B complex and phosphorous.

The Antioxidant Effect

The fruit of Amla or the Indian Gooseberry is rich in antioxidants which are supposed to be great for consumption. And these are known to offer two main health benefits. Theses are –

  1. Anti-ageing virtues.
  2. and immunity-boosting properties.

Over a period of time, our body tends to lose its natural immunity. This is what happens –

  • The free radicals present in our body damage its cells.
  • These free radicals are nothing but the by-products which are produced when the cells in our body are using up the oxygen.
  • They are greatly reactive and have an ability to cause serious, though periodic, damage to the cells.
  • The antioxidants, on the other hand, are known to find out and fight these free radicals.
  • Our body does have its own share of antioxidants, but often, they are not adequate enough.
  • Hence there is the need for supplementing it with external sources.

How Amla Keeps You Young And Healthy?

Anti-ageing is a great virtue that Amla or the Indian Gooseberry has to offer. Ageing happens when the cells in our body undergo oxidation damage. And this happens over a period of time. That is also when you could start suffering from various diseases associated with ageing.  But, the bad part is that these are often take for granted. Now, understand how Amla takes care of your skin.

  1. Amla, when consumed on a regular basis, helps protect and repair those cells from oxidative damage caused by the free radicals.
  2. At the same time, the antioxidants present in Amla also prevent the occurrence of age-spots, wrinkles and fine lines on our skin.
  3. Also, Loaded with antioxidants, Amla is consequently the best choice to go for when looking to boost immunity.

Amla Supports Many Anti-Oxidant Virtues!

 The in-built characteristics in the natural fruit of Amla or the Indian Gooseberry could work wonders for your well-being. The active antioxidants present in this fruit, are truly extraordinary. Here are the supportive benefits –

  • Boon For The Eyes

The fruit of Amla has high level of antioxidants in comparison to many other fruits like blueberries or pomegranate. Whereas it helps in improving your eye – vision, Amla is furthermore beneficial for your eyes. This natural support works wonderfully well in taking care of the impending eye stress due to age, as well as the macular degeneration. These eye ailments are essentially disregarded by taking Amla which offers less oxidative stress in your eyes.

  • Assists In Hair loss

The extended benefit of Amla, to avoid the free radicals, is upright to reduce hair loss as it protects your hair follicles; Amla also precludes premature hair loss and hair fall.

  • Anti-aging Benefits

Anti-oxidant qualities contained in Amla also accelerates cell repair. This means that you will have slow signs of wrinkles and blemishes.

  • Amicable For Health Of Skin

Indian Gooseberry can be consumed to retain your skin glow and sustain the health of your skin. Moreover, it is believed to be a good sun protection tonic. Not only this, it also helps in enhancing the production of healthy blood cells.

  • Magnificent Heart Tonic

The fruit of Amla is also good for the well-being of your heart.  While this natural asset moderates the level of bad cholesterol, it also improves your nerve health. Thus ensuring proper blood flow to the organ.

  • Boosts Immunity

Amla is also good for reinforcing the resistance against disease. The anti-oxidant effect existing in Amla upsurges your internal system to fight free radicals all the more enhanced.

  • Prevents Impairment of DNA cells

Another advantage of free radical prevention is to prudently avert the damage to DNA cells. Due to reduced oxidative stress, it prevents the dreaded disease of cancer.  Not only this, it is also believed that this property essentially aids in combating the cancer cells. Also, this natural fruit of Amla does not allow healthy cells to get damaged.