What makes a good personal trainer?

While you’re trying to be a personal trainer, someone else is trying to be a better personal trainer. Opportunities in this field are increasing every day and so is competition. So, what are you doing to make sure you are going to survive in this environment? If your answer is nothing, you’re up for a hard ride, my friend. If someone else is able to satisfy your clients better than you, then you are definitely out of the window for them. Therefore, striving for continuous growth must always be your top most priority. Don’t know how to do that?
Do not worry; you can make sure you survive by simply keeping in mind the following things. What exactly makes a good persona trainer?

  1. Familiarize with your clients:
    To be a good personal trainer to your client, you must first learn about your client and let them learn about you. No, this doesn’t mean a conversation over coffee where you share your childhood dog’s name with each other. It is the conversation where your clients tell you about their daily routine, their triggers, what helps them motivate etc. and you can tell them about what your training methods are going to be like. This technique will help you both understand each other. It will get easier for you to frame their workout and its schedule. Also, they will have time to prepare themselves for the kind of training they’re going to get. This pre-planning always gains the trust of the client in you. Who knows? Maybe they’ll recommend you to their friends or neighbours.


  1. Follow what you teach:
    The best way to motivate somebody to do something is to set an example or an inspiration in front of them. If you take care of your health, stay fit and workout, your clients will get inspired by you and would want to follow your example to reach their goals. They will have a simpler time understanding your methods when they see the result in you. Besides, if you are a personal trainer who is not fit, they will just not trust you enough to hire you. Ever seen an uneducated person as a teacher?


  1. Stay focused on your goal:
    Not exercising at all is unhealthy but so is over-exercising. Some personal trainers focus their client’s energy on exercises they don’t need. Never do that. It not only says you are a bad trainer but also harms your client’s health. That is why, it is highly essential to stay focused on the end goal. When your client hires you and tells you their final goal, decide their daily workout plan there and then. Always follow it to succeed.


  1. Keep your client updated:
    Back in school, if your teachers would have just taught you every day without telling you how much progress you have made, would you have wanted to continue? Never make the mistake of keeping your client oblivious to their progress. What they are doing every day, why they are doing it, where have they reached, how much more they have to go – these are the questions that must be answered. Apart from this, there are many other technical questions your client might ask. Answer them patiently by using your communication skills wisely. Do not scare the client by telling them how hard it is going to be. It is your job to keep their mind relaxed and motivated.


  1. Tell them the importance of discipline:
    If you are already a personal trainer, you must be familiar with the rule breakers. These are the ones who don’t do the homework you gave them; eat what they are told not to eat etc. The best way to handle them is to beforehand explain to them the importance of discipline. If they break in the schedule you set for them, their money, time and energy will go to waste, and they would still not be as fit and healthy as they wanted to be. Teach them how to control the urges by giving examples of yourself or your previous clients. However, tell them that it’s okay to go easy on themselves once in a while, as long as they are in control. A piece of cake once in a while is nothing to feel guilty about. This will help them understand your point and not feel too restricted either. But remember to be strict about the homework you give them. If you told them they have to do twenty push-ups before you come, they have to do it.


  1. Knowledge and experience:
    We had to come on this point sometime, right? Nothing can help you be a good personal trainer in the minds of your clients if you don’t have enough knowledge and experience. First of all, you must be certified. It does not have to be a big degree to prove your worth. It can be just a course that shows you are aware of what you’re doing. The best way to do that is to visit BFY website and register yourself in the suitable course today. Apart from that, you must take a job somewhere before becoming an independent personal trainer. It will always look good and make your resume stronger.


  1. Passion and devotion:
    Lastly, you must be extraordinarily passionate and devoted towards being a good personal trainer. Nothing boosts the chances of your success more than your determination. As it is said: if you set your eyes on the goal, no one can stop you from reaching it. Get up every day with recharged motivation. Act like every day is your first and get ready accordingly. The drive of providing the best training must be visible on your face when you see your client. If nothing else, that will definitely do it.

These are the seven secret mantras you must imprint in your mind if you truly wish to be a good personal trainer.

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