What Is The Best Personal Fitness Trainer Certification?

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Source: ifpa-fitness.com/

What is the Best Personal Trainer Certification? It all depends on what you are looking for and what type of clients you want to work with. If you plan on working with Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients in hospitals, for example, you should consider the ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine, other certifications focus on other needs. The focus of the IFPA is to provide you practical knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to conduct the safest and most effective possible training programs for the typical clients you would train in the gym or health-club.

Another advantage the IFPA offers you is that, should you decide to begin expanding your service and career to include one or more “Special Populations Groups,” the IFPA can offer you over 70 advanced Personal Training/ Sports Conditioning Courses to bring you the highest level of competency for any specialization you desire. This is a far more comprehensive education program than any other certification. The IFPA offers numerous courses for you to achieve expert status with Youth Fitness, Women’s Fitness and Senior Fitness; Medical Fitness; to deal with clients chronic disease, disabilities, and dysfunctions, including Heart Disease, Obesity, Cancer, Type 2 and Diabetes and over 60 more disorders, Post-Secondary Rehabilitation; to help your clients to return to full functionality following injuries, several Sports Nutrition and Weight Management Courses to guide your clients to optimal diet and healthy lifestyle; Core and Functional Trainer Courses; Fitness Consulting, Lifestyle Fitness Coaching, Fitness Testing and Assessment, Exercise Prescription and Program Design Courses, Flexibility, Speed and Power Specialist Courses; Sports Conditioning Specialist Courses with 14 Specific Sport & Athletic Program Design Courses; Group Fitness; Tai Chi & many more advanced and specialized courses for Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Specialists, Fitness Instructors and Group Exercise Instructors. Start with the IFPA Personal Trainer Certification Course. Learn the precise knowledge and how the IFPA transforms knowledge into the skills and abilities you need to be a successful personal career in Personal Training.

Is the IFPA the best because we developed the most comprehensive Job Analysis survey, ever devised in the Fitness Industry? The JAS that was used to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities, KSAs, you need to become a highly successful personal trainer. Is the IFPA the Best personal training certification because the IFPA offers more advanced and specialized certification courses than any other and is just as dedicated to your learning as certification? Or is the IFPA best because it has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since inception in 1994, became accredited by the Better Business Bureau due to the IFPA’s continuous “A+” Rating, received accreditation through ICE/NOCA/NCCA in 2006; and is recommended by numerous medical associations.

Once you see the valuable content the IFPA provides you, you just might be among all those who say: the IFPA is the best Personal Trainer Certification

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