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These were CNN headlines sometime ago. Our bodies have evolved over millions of years to do one thing – move. Our environment demanded constant activity. With technological advances that environment has disappeared. Today you can pay bills, shop and even catch up with friends without even standing up.
What happens when you sit for an extended period of time?
Your muscles especially the big ones meant for movement like those in the legs are immobile. Your metabolism slows down and you burn fewer calories.
The less you move, the less blood sugar your body uses, hence chances for diabetes goes up. The risk for heart disease goes up too because enzymes that keep blood fats in check become inactive. When you sit all day, your hip flexors and hamstrings shorten. The muscles that support the spine become weak and stiff.
Most of us don’t use our bodies the way they are designed. Since form follows function, our bodies lose the ability to do what it’s meant for.
But the good news is – all this can be reversed. Every human, because we share the same design, has the physiological ability to be an athlete. We are all capable of climbing, running, jumping, balancing etc. All you have to do is to start tapping into your potential. When you do start to use your inner athlete, your overall health will drastically improve.


There are people who do wish to start an exercise regime but are plagued with a lot of questions in their mind. Also there are a lot of non – exercisers trying every bit to discourage them from starting a fitness routine

Here are solutions to some of your fitness problems.


I have never exercised before, how do I make a start?

If you want to make life long changes in your routine, start with small steps. This is the basic foundation of a sustainable fitness regime. Small changes are always easier for the mind as well as the body to adapt to. Often we make the mistake of taking on a lot more than we can handle. You can start with making simple changes like reducing the frequency of eating out, simple change in your sleep time or taking on a form of exercise.


I am too busy?

You have to determine which part of the day, you are ready to dedicate to your fitness routine. If you put your priorities in place you will find time that you can spare for your health and wellness.
If you have very tight schedules, be creative and break your activity into 3 intervals and you can easily have a 30 minute workout. More is better, but even modest amounts are much better than being sedentary.

I am too old to exercise?

The best news is fitness follows “age no bar” and “gender no bar” code. Be it kids, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, male or female, there is something for everyone. If you have any health issues, take the advice of your doctor and then start your exercise program.


I want to exercise, but I get tired easily?
The first step is to re-orient your mind. If you can confront your problem, be it over weight, lack of energy, stress or depression, half the battle is won. The mind needs to know that you have identified your weaknesses and are willing to make the requisite changes. A positive and receptive mind is the key to achieving a fit and healthy body.


A lot of people try to make changes in their health and fitness, but fail to do so. There is KEY element to success whether your goal is to get fit, run your first 10k or something bigger.


A stands for ACTION towards your goal. You can start with running, biking or signing up in a gym.


F is for FEEDBACK. It could be good or rewarding. It could be pain and soreness from a tough session. Either ways it leads to the next part of the formula.

CORRECTION or CONTINUATION depending on the feedback. If there is muscle soreness, joint pain or extreme fatigue, discuss with your fitness professional and make the CORRECTION. If you see an improvement, then follow the formula of CONTINUATION.
Sometimes people work too hard or too fast without professional guidance. They then decide it’s too hard and quit.


The formula is, take some action, you will get some feedback. Then make the correction or continue.



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