Weight Management

Blog by : Anushka Jain

Weight Management:


Did you know weight management was not just losing and gaining weight?
There is more to this than it seems. We have always been so focused on losing and gaining weight that we forget to maintain the right weight.
Are you too curious to learn that but don’t know how?

Do not worry. Because BFY is here with the best quality course for Weight Management!

Turn your plans into goals!

What is in the syllabus?

Your syllabus will be a detailed study of topics like:

  • Basic Nutrition
  • Components of Body Weight
  • Regulation of Body Weight
  • Weight Imbalance: Obesity
  • Weight Imbalance: Excessive Leanness
  • Nutrition in Eating Disorders


What is objective of this course?

The primary objective of this course would be to make the students familiar with the latest research in the field of weight management.
The objectives are broadly explained below:

  • Understanding the concept of Weight Management
  • Studying Basic Nutrition and its impact on Weight Management
  • Understanding the concept of Obesity and its complications
  • Studying the varying Nutritional Requirements of children and adults
  • Understanding the effect of Eating Disorders on physical and psychological health
  • Knowing about various Commercial Nutritional Supplements & Medicines for Weight Management
  • Planning Diets in relation to Weight Management


Who is eligible for this course?

  • B.B.S
  • D.S
  • H.M.S
  • A.M.S
  • U.M.S
  • Dieticians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Health Professionals


How does the Attendance Policy work?

  • Maintaining attendance up to 95% (114 days out of 120) is compulsory. Any student who fails to do so will not be able to give final exams.
  • A minimum percentage of 40% is required to clear the internal exams.
  • On-time submission of the personal project is mandatory. Late projects/assignments will not be accepted.
  • It is important to attend all the class meetings, read lecture notes, and keep up with the reading & writing assignments.
  • Students must refer to the syllabus throughout the semester.


Grading Scale:


75% and above – A

60-74.9% – B

50-59.9% – C

Less than 50% – F (Fail)

What are the course requirements?

  • Internal Exams (3)
  • Individual Assignments (2)
  • Group Project (1)
  • Class Assignments


What is the marking system?


Internal Marks: 15% of total marks

Individual assignments: 10% of total marks

Group project: 5% of total marks

Class assignments: 5% of total marks

Practical: 15% of total marks

Final exams: 50% of total marks


Course Material:

Course Material will be provided as soon as the payment for the course is received.


Who will be the faculties?

  • Consulting Dietician (R.D.)
  • Professional Lecturers in the field of Clinical Nutrition


What are the passing marks?

50% (out of 100)