Weight loss, where to begin| Jyoti Hassanandani


Blog By: Jyoti Hassanandani 
Date: 19th June,2016


Weight loss is burning subject in each ones life. Burn it before it burns you!!

Begin by giving yourself an environment. Absence of right environment kills even the strongest of the will power. So stop believing that you can do it at home or in a park. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. If you really desire to get over that constantly badgering topic of weight then get enrolled in a fitness center.


1- Because you need an environment. Fitness institutions have already created it for you. You need to swim with the current. Fitness centers are a trend. Today they are in everyone’s reach. Then why not make the most out of it. It is there for a reason and several people are already benefiting from it. Why should you create something that is already there and why shouldn’t you just utilize what is in your reach and come back home. Let simple things be simple and let’s not over complicate something as simple as exercising by spending forever in finding right environment.

2 – Fitness institutes have a reciprocative environment. You get to learn a lot from your environment and your environment also learns from you. They bring you together with people who have a purpose same as yours. People who are already doing it motivate you and your progress motivates people around you and hence motivates you as well. You come in touch, on a regular basis, with people progressing towards their goals. This constantly keeps you encouraged to be on track. Everyday when you see different kind of people engaged in different workouts you keep learning from them. It becomes a continuous process.

3 – How does it feel to work all alone? And how does it feel to join the squad and work towards a common goal. Ever wondered what it feels like to workout in an energized environment. That’s what you get in an appropriate training center. An energized surrounding that constantly keeps you inspired.

4 – When you pay money you definitely want to get most out of it. That’s human nature. Use it in your advantage then so that you stay regular. Many people opt to workout at home, get home treadmill or start jogging or call a yoga teacher at home or go for walking in a park. My question is have they ever worked? If yes then they are good for you. That’s your environment and you can continue with it. If no then understand that these are seasonal options. Also sports like badminton and swimming are really good but for people who are committed to their sport. You need something you could do everyday. Something more practicable.

5 – Weight Loss is not just burning extra calories. You should always opt for a fitness activity that reaps multiple benefits and where lots of variations in your workout are involved. It is about working smart and not working hard. You should not workout your body same way every day like in walking where increasing intensity means adding extra 30 minutes to same workout. When you devote one hour or more everyday to your weight loss then you might as well opt for activities that give you overall fitness. Activities that burn calories, increase your heart rate, build stamina, tone your muscles, workout your joints at the same time not overuse a body part and is challenging enough to pull you out of your comfort zone. You want activities that bring you in touch to your active self.


I would say where you couple your aerobic exercises with strength training. Also exercises should always begin with warm up and end with stretches. That is the ideal combination. Aerobic exercises could be your cardiovascular exercises like treadmill, cross trainer or cycling. It could also be Zumba, Aerobics etc. Strength training exercises are the weight training exercises, functional training, cross fit training, power yoga etc. So you couple your aerobic exercises with your strength training exercises. And to achieve all this the shortest and smartest way is to join a fitness center where you have access to these activities. And you learn them under proper guidance.


You joined a fitness center but didn’t lose weight. So you stopped. That is where people go wrong. Because even if numbers are not going down on weighing scale you are still progressing. Let me list the other benefits of regularly working out:

• Your body’s composition is constantly changing.
• Your mind is constantly working on eating right.
• You are on track to knowing that you are on a weight loss endeavor so you still practice control in your diet.
• Your stamina is building up with every day’s workout.
• Your joints are flexing and muscle getting worked out.
• Body is shaping up.
• Heart is getting healthier.
• You tend to become more optimistic because when you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphin also called happiness hormones. These chemicals trigger positive feeling in the body.

If you quit everything stops. Then of course you will be back to your old self and lose everything you achieved. So never leave what you started just because weighing scale doesn’t show results. Things are happening. Just stay committed and keep progressing in your efforts. It takes time to learn what will work for you. Accept that weight loss is a slow process. You didn’t gain all that weight overnight so how do you expect it go overnight.

I have seen people’s life changing by just staying committed to their fitness regime. People who find it hard to transform their diet and don’t lose weight have still seen a complete transformation in their body and fitness by just being regular to their daily workout.


1 – As a beginner one always tends to be over enthusiastic instinctively and so tries to achieve too much too fast. If you are a beginner then understand that your body needs time to get accustomed to running, lifting, flexing etc. Pushing too hard might result in injuries. So always give time to body to get used to and progress gradually. Never be abrupt with exercises. Injuries do happen and they could be really taxing.

2 – It’s really tricky and complicated to advise elderly people as to how they should begin. The best way is to consult your doctor and see if you get a go ahead.