Blog by: Jyoti Hassanandani

“REPETITION IS THE KEY TO ALL CHANGE – Small or Big, Good or Bad”.

You didn’t gain all that weight in one day. Your weight is the cumulative impact of

you repeatedly making bad choices.

What you are today is the sum of decisions you have been making for several years.  Every drop adds up to make the ocean. Every calorie matters. We don’t understand this because doing the math of adding up calories is never an agenda for us.

If repeatedly making wrong choices yields wrong results then wouldn’t repeatedly making right choices yield the right results?

Repetitions + Repetitions + Repetitions = Results!!

Practice to make right choices consciously and over time making right choices will become a reflex action. Until you learn to do this your weight and fitness will continue to be a never ending ever bugging matter of your life. Your repeated actions add up.

Ok your past efforts haven’t reaped significant results? Don’t let that deter you from making right choices. Remember it had taken several years to gain oodles of weight and so it may take you a very long time to reverse it. Giving up will once again take you back to where you had started. Never ever waste your efforts put and momentum gained just because results didn’t show on scale.

Repetition of good habits is bringing about a change in your body composition and in your overall well being in general. Just stay stick to your endeavor and keep making right choices. Results will show on weighing scale and your overall appearance in its own time. Remember repetition is the key and the integrated impact of repetitions is really humongous. Good or Bad choice is yours!!

I  have  prepared  some  examples  to  help  you  understand  the  progressive impact of habits:

  1. You choose to cut down sugar – Sugar is empty calories and so choosing to sacrifice sugar can have massive impact on your body without depriving you of any essential nutrients.

Watch the ripple effect of implementation of this one habit :

◦ You cut down sugar from beverages. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soft drinks, preserved juices, fresh fruit juices.

◦ You  cut  down  sugar  from  sweets,  pastries,  chocolates,  candies, cookies, cakes, doughnuts etc

◦ You limit your intake of  fruits.

How many calories does that add up to for you in a day? Do your math and check. Imagine how many calories that adds up to in a week and how many calories that adds up to in a month and how many calories that adds up to in a year.

So if weighing scale didn’t show results in a week stay stick to your plan. There will be a substantial shift over time. Progress is the ultimate confidence booster. Your consistent effort will motivate you to make more dietary and  lifestyle changes once you see those results.

  1. You choose to get on a fitness regime for 45 minutes everyday – Workout is a fantastic way of expending calories. How many calories can you burn in

45 minutes of training? How much does that add up to in a week, in a month, in a year? Do your math.

Ok you have been working out regularly for over a month and you haven’t shed any weight. This discourages you. Hold on for a while!!  Probably your efforts weren’t enough to lose a pound but maybe your efforts did save you from gaining a pound!!

If you don’t continue with your efforts you might keep adding one pound of weight every month and a good 12 pounds in a year by repeatedly choosing not to workout. That’s the sort of impact choices can have.

Also you might not be dropping pounds but by working out regularly the composition of body is changing. Regularly engaging in fitness activities keeps you aware of your eating habits. Stay stick to the plan results will ensue. If not in a month then in a year. Even if you are not losing weight your  body  is  shaping  up.  Heart  is  working  out.  Joints  are  moving. Fitness is building. Workout has multiple impacts on your body .

  1. You choose to cut down carbohydrates and add protein to your diet – If you cut down calories from carbohydrates and replace it with say equal number of calories from protein you will see a huge change in your body composition over time. Carbohydrates are body’s source of energy nothing else. Excess carbs get stored as fat cells. Protein on the other hand is body’s building block. Protein gets utilized to rebuild your muscles, skin, hair etc and your body essentially needs it. So if you consistently practice to cut carbs and replace it with protein  your body will lose fat because of reduced number  of  calories  from  carbohydrates  and  gain  muscle  because  of improved protein intake. Also your hair and skin quality will improve.