Weight Loss| Fuel your motivation #everydamnday

Blog by : Jyoti Hassanandani
People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing –

that’s why we recommend it daily.-Zig Ziglar



WEIGHT LOSS – Fuel your motivation #everyDamnDay

“People have all the knowledge for weight loss. All they need now is MOTIVATION!” – said someone I know who wants to lose weight. It hit me like a bullet. This is the plight of somebody I know and what her real problem is.

Motivation surely is backbone of performance. Stronger the motivation, better the performance. But one simple and straight forward answer is that you have to work on building it. You have to get that dose of motivation #everyDamnDay to keep the fire alive!!!

So how can you keep yourself motivated? Here are the answers:

1 – Motivational quotes – Read following and see how you feel:

Fitness is like marriage. You can’t cheat on it and expect it to work.

Think training is hard? Try Losing.

you can have results or excuse not both

Work until your brain forgets and your body remembers.

Sweat is your fat crying

Imagine yourself 6 months from now. Don’t stop!! it will be worth it.

It’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up.

Felt the adrenaline rush already!!! These bodybuilding motivational quotations have that sort of impact. The images and messages on them inspire you and ignite the desire in you to change. They have power. Find them, read them. Keep thinking about them and keep repeating them during the day. Share it on your Facebook and Instagram pages to show your commitment. Fuel your motivation with them everyday. Here are some Instagram pages where you can find them:


2 – In your weekly goalsPeople say that journey is always sweeter than destination. That you have to achieve something and YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH IT, greatly energize you. Always set weekly goals that are achievable. Imagine working hard to get to your goal. Imagining that you are working hard to achieve your goal excites u.

3 – In your own achievementsNeedless to say achievements build momentum. Give time to revisit your past achievements that make you proud. Feel the power of victory and plan to break your own records.

4 – In fitness articlesReading fitness articles not only give you new information to achieve your dream body they also inspire you. So when you read – “5 Smart ways to sculpt your abs”. It excites you and motivates you. It is not important how far you are from getting those sculpted abs. What is important is how ready you are to take up the challenge and work for it. So find fitness articles that will educate you and inspire you.

5 – In fitness gearWe all know the power of dressing. Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Puma etc build up a fitness attitude in you. Love them buy them and feel great in them. Nothing energizes you for your workout as much as a new sport gear does. That you are investing in your fitness also makes you feel great. Remember your attitude will determine your altitude.

6 – In fitness freaksYou will be amazed to see the level of passion and commitment

fitness freaks have. Find them, follow them and model them. Fitness is contagious. You too can get afflicted.

7 – Role ModelsKnow who is your role model. Find people who have done it and who inspire you. It could be a celebrity. See their videos, lifestyle, pictures, what they do to get lean and fit. Try to model them. Six pack sculpted abs on pictures might not motivate everyone as much as someone in real life, who has successfully done what you desire to do. So acknowledge your role model. Find them and follow them REGULARLY. Just looking at their pictures will inspire you.

8 – Positive affirmations and positive self talkPositive affirmations can unbelievably change your life!!! At first it is tough to say things that are against your mood. But with practice you will break the barrier. If you are not feeling like going to gym. Don’t ever make mistake of saying – “oh I m tired today. I will skip workout”. It will start having negative impact.

Force yourself to say “I AM GOING FOR MY WORKOUT. I am committed to my fitness. I am going to do upper body and run 20 mins”. It will be tough to say this as it is against your mood. But say it even if you are just not ready to go. You will see the change.

Talk to yourself in motivational language. “Yes five more reps and I will do it”, “Yes done it” etc. Say words like “Consistency”, “Discipline”. When you feel like eating something tempting tell yourself “Sacrifice”. You will see the results.

Staying motivated is all about giving 5-10 mins everyday to something that builds up your passion for your fitness. Over time a day will come when you will become a motivation for others. A role model. So get your daily dose of motivation and stay committed to your fitness endeavor!

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