WEIGHT LOSS- Experience the feeling of satiety once

Blog By: Jyoti Hassanandani


Do this experiment once. Do it conscientiously as it will help you control portion size later. I am presuming you are someone who wishes to lose weight and has not already cut the portion size.

So anytime you are hungry take whatever quantity of food you eat habitually on your plate. Don’t cheat. Put exactly what you eat at a time. Put everything even the second or third serving you usually have, get that on the plate.

Get another plate and serve yourself half of what you have put on first plate. That’s it. Keep the other half back. Eat this much portion as your meal. Don’t cheat you just have to do it once. Start watching yourself after having your food.

You will experience this :

1 – Because of hunger, after you have eaten half you will have a compelling desire to eat the other half. A very strong desire because you were in a ravenous state of mind and you ate your food quickly. You think that’s what you have been eating and you need that much amount of food to satisfy your hunger. Don’t eat the other half. Don’t give up. You just have to do it once.

2 – After a while you will start feeling satisfied and the desire to eat more will disappear. You will lose interest even in satisfying your taste buds more because the underlying reason for eating, that is hunger has been taken care of.

3 – After some more time you will feel completely full and there is no way you can have more food at this time.

Why this happened? You eat a lot more than what you ate now so why u felt satisfied after some time? It is because it takes time for brain to signal satiety. Because we eat our food quickly without caring for brain to signal when we are full, we keep on eating. Our body doesn’t need the amount of food we usually feed it on. We think that we are eating to satisfy hunger but we never care for how much body needs at a time. This is the reason why we gain weight. The extra food we are eating gets stored as fat.. We eat it because the hunger or taste overpowers our senses. It takes sometime to hear body’s signal that it has been fed adequately. It also takes time for taste buds to feel satisfaction.

This doesn’t mean you have to eat exactly half of what you usually eat. This means be aware of how much you are eating and know your threshold. So work on knowing how much your body needs at a time and stop eating at a point. Never cross threshold because beyond that you lose control.

Food is not bad it’s the time you eat it and the quantity you eat that is dis balancing everything.

It’s very important to cut extra calories from your diet to lose weight. So:

1 – Stop over eating just because the taste or hunger overpowers you. Give yourself time to experience that feeling of satisfaction.

2- Stop believing that left over should not go waste so you should eat it. It’s better off in a dustbin than u eating it as a ritual.

3 – Understand that we don’t need same amount of food every time. Intake also depends on activity level at a particular time, time of the day and several other factors. So watch for body to signal always. Don’t let hunger or taste overpower you. Practice control.

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