Weight Loss- Cut the crap from your diet first

Blog By: Jyoti Hassanandani

Loaded with fats, carbohydrates and sodium there are unhygienic food items that aren’t doing you any good and in fact are alarmingly harming your body. There are studies done on those food items that have revealed shocking facts. Cut them first and resolve not to eat it ever. No once in a month or twice in year. They should never be a part of your diet.

No one will be able acknowledge that they have habit of eating crap. So I have prepared a list which could be an eye opener:

1 – Street Food

Monsoon season, I noticed, street food shops are overly crowded. It’s the time of the year when hygiene matters most because we tend to get more sick. Still people flock to eat at these shops. We are so used to eating at these street shops that we never care to probe into the hygiene and nutritive value of these things. Even when it is in front of our eyes we have got accustomed to overlooking them.

Have a close look at the oil used to deep fry these street food items. Same oil gets continuously used to fry everything. It is advised that the same oil should never be used

twice to fry anything because the oil gets oxidized. And on street shops they keep using same oil. They don’t care to change the oil even when it turns black. Maybe it’s left outside overnight and is used again next day.

We take pride in eating street food. We love street food for taste and are so habitual to eating it that hygiene and nutritive value never cross our minds. In rainy season it is hard for us to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at our own homes how can you expect a street seller to have maintained any kind of cleanliness.

Ever noticed the water they use to clean utensils. Look at the place where they chop vegetables. High faecal contamination was found in street food in a study conducted on street shops in Delhi which is so shocking.

So say no to:




Wada pav

Pav bhaji

Ragda patis

Pani puri

Fruit juices

Cut fruits that sell at street shops etc

2 – Frozen food or ready to eat packed food items

The frozen or ready to eat food items, French fries, frozen vegetables etc we believe have made life simpler and convenient. Ever cared to know their nutritive value? Do you know they take place of the otherwise home cooked nutritious food you would have consumed. These handy things which claim to have made cooking instant have taken place of nutrition which is basis of life.

3 – Pickles, Soy sauce, Ajinomoto

These are high in sodium and make your body bloated because of water retention. Also ajinomoto’s main ingredient is MSG which has several side effects. These things do you no good. We eat them out of habit. Sooner you understand better it will be to get rid of them.

Use healthier things like lemon, pepper, vinegar etc for seasoning.

4 – Sharbats , cold drinks, packed juices

Empty calories neither fill your stomach nor provide any nutrition. These are calories we consume out of habit. It’s a matter of replacing old habits with new ones. It’s a matter of choices we make.

You can opt to drink fresh lime water, buttermilk, coconut water, fresh fruit juice made at home etc. At least they are not packed with empty calories.

5 – Papad, Sev, Farsan, chips etc

Again they are deep fried in unhygienic oils and maybe in unhygienic conditions. Packed with fats, carbohydrates and sodium. Sev is so hard on your stomach it could stay stick on your colon walls for months. Because body finds it hard to expel these food items. It’s better to stop eating them now to control weight because ultimately you have to stop eating them maybe for health later.

6 – Low fat fried food items or baked chips, chakli etc

It’s better to eat full fat food items than to eat low fat food items. At least we won’t be cheating ourselves then. The low fat or baked chakli isn’t really low fat. Because ultimately things need to be fried and even for baked items oil is needed. We tend to consume these so called low fat items much more because we fool ourselves in believing that they are low fat when in fact they are not. They are another marketing gimmick to make you eat things that you shouldn’t be eating.

So the time you should be eating healthy things like fruits, curd, cheese, nuts, eggs etc you choose to eat low fat chips, chakli, bakarwadi and deprive your body of nutrition.


1.Understand that by CHOOSING to consume the above listed things you are not only consuming unhealthy food high in fats, carbs and sodium but you are also depriving your body of the necessary nutrients the body expects to get from healthy food. This is because you are satisfying hunger with nutrition deficient food items.

2.Usually the above listed food items are very very high in sodium which leads to water retention and hence you feel bloated. Several times your weighing scale shows weight too high if you have consumed food high in sodium. This mars your morale and determination to lose weight. So stay away them.

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3 thoughts on “Weight Loss- Cut the crap from your diet first”

  1. Feels good to hear that. The whole purpose of this article is to make you see what you already see but still unknowingly oversee.

    It’s alright to indulge but not at the cost of Heath and hygiene. Home cooked deep fried goodies are much better. At least the oil they are getting fried is fresh and healthy. Body do need good fat.



  2. If your work is of sitting continuously infront of a computer or any work which requires you to be at one place, then you should always avoid junk food because they take time to digest especially in the monsoon. It is also necessary that you take short walks every 45mins.

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