Water consumption

woman drinking water
Water largest constituent of the body, 60 to 70% of total body weight is made up of water. Water is important for the entire body structure function and metabolism. Optimum hydration status i.e.  Presence of adequate water is the must not only for muscle performance during workout but also to support muscle growth and fat loss throughout the day.
Muscle tissues have higher water content (75%), adipose tissue contains about 10 to 15% of water.
Water distribution in the body:-
Intracellular fluid- Inside the cell
Extracellular fluid- outside the cell
Water moves from one Compartment to other useful websites and other substances dissolved in it to maintain water balance.
Functions of water
Cellular structure and growth
 nutrient transport and waste excretion
 maintaining core body temperature
Requirement of water and salt
Total quantity of water-
if workout intensity is low- LBM(in kg’s) x 40=water (ml)
If workout intensity is moderate to high- LBM (in kg’s) x 50=water (ml)
Distribution of water
 Water intake must be well distributed throughout the day so as to keep the body in a hydrated state at all times. During post workout water requirement is high
 Dehydration is inadequate water or an imbalance of water and salts in the body. Fluid loss more than 1% of body weight is termed as dehydration
Effects of dehydration
Muscle breakdown and loss
 Drop in BMR
drop in fat burning
 fast ageing due to faster breakdown of all tissues
Drop in immunity and energy levels
high risk of muscle cramps during exercise
Optimum hydration is therefore a must for an exercising population, reasons
Improve body performance, maintaining good blood circulation to working muscles, skin and brain: Maintaining body temperature in the core and muscles: efficient nutrient delivery: energy production and conservation: improved muscle performance and brain function
 fast results( muscle gain and fat loss)
anti aging: increasing anabolism over catabolism: maintaining immunity: detoxification of bodyPhoto by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com