Stevia is no doubt, an emerging choice as a sugar substitute as it has a sweet flavour. Although it may not taste same as sugar, but is still being acknowledged in preference as a plant-based, zero-calorie sugar substitute.

Natural Low-Calorie Sweetener

Stevia has a sweetened flavour and can be enjoyed in place of table sugar as a healthier sweet option. A pure stevia extract is about 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. therefore it needs to be taken in less quantity. In this way, it is a low-calorie sweetener that not only has the sweetness level just like sugar, but also is naturally gifted with many associated health benefits.

The Sweet Herb

Stevia is a sweet-tasting plant/ herb which is believed to have been in use since the sixteenth century. The plant originally belongs to Paraguay and Brazil and is also grown in Japan and China. In fact, China is the biggest exporter of Stevia today.

Stevia – The Sweet Herb

Stevia is in use as a beverage sweetener and as a herbal supplement. It is often referred to as a sweet herb. Stevia is basically a natural sweetener which has no calories. Therefore, it is gaining preference as an alternative to sugar. Apart from its sweet taste, stevia is also used as a traditional medicine to treat burns, stomach disorders, and more. However, it is the use of stevia as a natural sugar substitute which gives this herb much of its enormous credit and reputation.

Stevia For Natural Sweetness

Stevia leaves contain a glycoside knows as stevioside, which also makes it pleasantly sweet. The Steviol glycosides or Stevioside are the compounds which give stevia leaves much of its sweet taste. Owing to its natural origin and its availability as a low to zero calorie natural sugar substitute, Stevia is now gaining popularity as a potential weight-loss aid. There are many reasons to believe in its weight loss action and capacity.

Why Is Stevia So Popular?

To begin with, stevia extracts are about 200 to 300 times sweeter than normal sugar. This, in turn, makes it consumable in low quantities. Tiny bits of stevia natural extracts can sweeten your cup of tea or can even be used to make healthy baked food stuff. And when used in moderation, stevia does not pose any health risk. Since it has no-calories, it is safer to use regularly and frequently in your routine.

Stevia Herb Is Healthier Than Regular Sugar

The zero-calorie property of the herb of Stevia, is what makes it a sugar substitute in your diet. And while Stevia has negligible or no calories, and it is believed to be 200 or more times sweeter than the normal regular sugar. Other studies suggest Stevia might have extra health benefits. The major benefits of Stevia include blood-glucose as well as body-weight control.

Is Stevia Good For Sugar Patients?

Although, the natural herb of Stevia is regarded to be very low on calories. But this is not the only reason for stevia maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Rather, it is the Phytonutrient properties of the stevia plant which makes it a more dependable source for controlling blood sugar levels, optimally.

Benefits Manifold

Recent scientific trials approve that this sweet leaf herb has plant-based Phyto-chemical compounds. This provides multiple benefits.

  • Helps in controlling blood sugar
  • For regulating the high cholesterol,
  • Aids in maintaining blood pressure,
  • Adding to its merit as a natural sweetener.

It is, therefore, gaining priority among the health and  fitness conscious.

How It Works

It is typically the dark green serrated leaves of stevia plan which have a high concentration of sweet glycosides. Stevioside is a non-carbohydrate chemical (glycoside) compound which makes it low in carbohydrates. And therefore Stevia makes a wonderful sugar-free natural sweetener.

Why Taking Sugar Is Not So Good?

Consuming sugar adds a lot of calories, contributing to weight gain and also resulting in adverse effects on blood sugar. It is for this reason that sugar is believed to overall have a bad effect on your health. Even though sugar and low-carb sweeteners are both processed and natural, Stevia is being increasingly preferred for its sweet taste and for not raising your blood sugar level.

Stevia – Herbal sweetener

On the other hand, further medical research indicates that stevia has more benefits including improving of these 3 systems.

and thus it remains on a lookout for the health and fitness conscious.

Replace Your Sugar With Natural Sweetener

A good-quality stevia extract is a perfect replacement for table sugar. It definitely has some sound reasons for this.

  • Since it is plant-based, a zero-calorie sweetener with great health benefits, Stevia gains good concern for health and wellbeing.
  • Not only this, if you choose to use Stevia in moderation, it would considerably reduce your calorie intake. And this is how you have less craving for food.
  • And moreover this natural herb could help you avert health risk factors like obesity .
  • Likewise replacing your sugar with the natural Stevia could prevent the problems associated with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  • Stevia is therefore a useful replacement for sugar in daily routine.