Want stronger legs?- Follow three magic rules!

Blog By: Kartikeya Chaturvedi


How often does it happen that one goes to the gym and ends up working out only the upper body. By working out I mean, developing only the upper half. Doing just cardio doesn’t help in developing the lower body completely. There have been many who have been a victim of this and now working hard to get their body in full developed shape.  This is the reason why concentrating on the full body workout is essential. Today on my blog, I am concentrating on the people who want to have strong legs. This also does not mean that one needs to avoid the upper body workout.

Follow these simple exercises and make those legs stronger than ever !

  1. Barbel Squats


    Only amateur lifters ignore the power of barbell squats. Barbell front squats and barbell back squats are and will always remain the cornerstone of quadriceps development. While the front rack squats provides a counter balance that assists the back to stay upright and direct the weights towards the quads, the back squats (high and low bar) workouts the hip flexion region. Work on your form first and then move to heavier weights. Do it with the correct form and you will get the so-called squatter’s knee!

  2. Sprints

    Track Sprinting

    he benefits of sprinting can be endlessly written about. For everything, from burning fat to resetting your metabolism for good, sprinting is a must. A staple sprint routine can reduce body fat and help in packing on lean muscle mass. A few hundred meters of high intensity interval sprinting every week can help you develop well gutted quads and calves.

  3. Deadlifts


    There’s no better lean muscle mass builder than deadlifts. Master proper form and you’ll know what a satisfying toll deadlifts take on the glutes and quads, especially the glutes. Primarily a leg movement but deadlift also takes a toll on your core as it’s the core that plays the role of a stabilizer as you lift and move the heavy weight.

So by the time you reach gym, do not forget to keep your energy up! Keep up your energy and stay motivated!

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