Blog by: Rajat Agarwal

Waking up early is one of the tasks that the modern generation finds it difficult to do Each and every morning when one wakes up, an individual may roll out of bed, and makes an attempt to murder the alarm clock. Now, for some people this may be a fairly easy decision but for others, it’s a painstaking, mind-boggling, headache-causing ordeal that they are forced to go through every day of their existence. But do we know it is one of the traits of highly successful people in the world. People like Indra Nooyi CEO of Pepsi, our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Apple CEO Tim Cook and actors like Shahrukh Khan are all in a habit of waking  up early . Many people complain about lack of time in their schedule to hit the gym but by just waking up early they can overcome the need of gym to stay fit. Waking up early provides you with an extra time in hand which can be used to stay fit by doing exercises and the best of all yoga.

Now many people have one common question

                    HOW DO I DO IT ?

Here are some tips which will definitely help you to get up early.

1)  Always keep two alarms at a gap of 15 minutes and at different corners of the room.
2) Prepare your attire a night before so that not using it in morning will make you think about the labor wasted in it.

3) Make it a group activity. In this way you will be looking forward to meet your friends and would step out.

4) Trick your brain by associating the success of a person with its capability of waking early which will ultimately help you to wake up early.