Virtual racing


Blog By: Aishwarya Ghumekar

For motivation and love of sport, there’s nothing better than toeing the line with other athletes. But what if there aren’t any upcoming events near you, or you have other obligations on race day?

Solution: Virtual Races

You sign up online and complete challenges on your own schedule, but you still get many of the benefits of a real-life competition, including accolades, community support, and a virtual competitor, egging you on.

Here are the top  reasons why virtual racing is important

1) Flexible Timing – You’ve got more races that you’d like to do than time and you find races rarely fit in your calendar with work, kids, travel, but you still need a goal to stay motivated.

2) Stress Free – Bad weather? Hit the treadmill. Feeling lethargic? Just enjoy the miles. Kids got sick so you didn’t sleep? Reschedule.

3) Gear Testing – Not sure about your new Flipbelt or hydration pack? Test it out in a scenario where you’re pushing hard and just slightly outside your comfort zone

4) Food Testing – Your normal oatmeal pre-long run, might turn out to be too much to digest when you turn up the pace. Try out some different ideas for pre-run snacks

5) Intensity Motivator – You might find that you surprise yourself with a distance PR simply because you’ve been able to get in the racing mindset and you’ll be sharing your results

6) Readiness – Wondering if you can tackle a longer distance? While a big race might add some motivation, it often scares many away from even trying…this is a chance to test the waters.

7) Marathon Training Motivation – 18-24 weeks of training for a single race often leaves people feeling burned out. If you sprinkle in some fun virtual 5k’s, 10k’s or even half marathons along the way it allows you to work on speed and have additional goals.

8) Community – One of the reasons I encourage the annual Resolution Run is because it’s a chance to run with those near and dear to you. Sometimes having a goal beyond just a run will excite them and with some of the swag that virtual races now provide it’s a major bonus.

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