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Blog By: Abhishek Pandit

Virat Kohli the fitness icon this title is right for the guy who doesn’t care about anything just focus on his work. When he steps into the cricket ground with oath to win every game for India it doesn’t matter how much aggressive he is but that thing motivates the team and him as well.

Virat Kohli is perfect example of Fitness. In many interviews and on chat shows it was discussed that how he maintains and some said he don’t eat regular daily food which common people does, he take juices of fresh vegetables and fruits, some said his water is imported from some other country etc. But no one born with fitness it is just how you will work for it matters some give up after some time and some don’t.

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When he won India Won Under-19 World Cup under his captaincy everyone believed that he have big spark. He enters the cricket ground like a warrior who just wants to win and make his nation proud. His dynamic style of play makes a special talent. We can say the guy who adjusts really fast in world cricket is Virat Kohli. But how this works?

Virat Kohli trains every part of his body whether it is mind or physically he just don’t want to leave the ground without before winning the game. He have made many records in just short period he have broken many records due to that many legends got shock that how can be this much good in just a little time can achieve this much runs. He is still in his young age and about to get those achievements which some legends didn’t achieve.

If we talk about his age  and records you will realize or think that how? Real answer is fitness if you are fit you are ready for every challenge but if you are not fit then be ready to face challenges which will stop you in achieving your goals of success. Being fit is you can work for long time but being unfit you just thinking about present not about future as well that how you going to work for future goals.

Kohli takes rest from the cricket only when his body really needs not when he wanted. Now he is captain of country so work load itself saying stay fit and motivate other cricketers as well to stay fit. Now days Indian cricket is in safe hands since they got leader who is fit and record breaker this thing is enough for them. Now in Indian cricket everyone works on their fitness to play for country for as much as longer period of time.

There is still many record breaking news to come………

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