Vegetarian muscle gain diet plan


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We are going to give 5 meals to the client

Lets consider client workout 6 pm to 7 pm with high intensity

Post workout protein is 40gms

14gms distributed equally for rest 4 meals

Carbs distributed equally

Time Food item
8:00 1 scoop whey with milk and 30 gm oats
11:00 200gm paneer sabzi+ 3 chapati+100 gms green salad
14:00 250 gm curd + 100 gm daal + rice
17:00 2 bananas + 2 tbs skim milk powder + 2 whole wheat bread slices
20:00 100 gms pulses sabzi with 3 rati(jowar/bajra)


Oil-rice bran oil 15-20ml daily equally distributed

Flaxseed oil tablets-3-4gm daily

Water intake-3-5 litres per day equally distributed