Vegetarian Fat loss diet plan

Keep calm and vegan on

We are going to give 5 meals to the client

Lets consider client workout from 10-11am moderate intensity

Post workout protein is 30gms

14gms distributed equally for rest 4 meals

Carbs distributed in tapered manner(high in morning,low at night)

Time Food item
8:00 4tbs skimmed milk powder + 2 whole wheat bread slice
11:00(post workout) 100gm paneer+ 1 bread slice+100 gms green salad
14:00 200gm curd  + 30gm brown rice
17:00 200 ml milk + 1 apple
20:00 100gms sprouts+150gm leafy green salad


Oil-rice bran oil 15-20ml daily equally distributed

Flaxseed oil tablets-3-4gm daily

Water intake-3-5 litres per day equally distributed