Usain Bolt pure Example of hard work


Blog By: Abhishek Pandit

Everyone knows Usain bolt is the fastest man on the planet. The man who broke the world records in just single tournament can be gifted or you can say his hard work made him gifted. He is the best athlete of all time. The 6ft 5in tall guy who runs like cheetah on track and field broke many records for 3 consecutive Olympics game.

Bolt is icon and inspiration for many athletes and sport person who loves watching him run and want to learn from the special athlete. But how he becomes the great matters the most. He may be lost many races in his past but the real winner is who win at real platform and the time you take between losing in past and winning in present defines you. Usain Bolt said I want to prove in this world without any cheating or doping you can break records by big margin and that is what he did.

Now he is sponsors many brands of sports and works as influencer as well. He have record of fastest 100m timing and 200m timing but sprinting is not about practicing daily sprint is about pushing yourself daily. In every strides the effort you put matters the most. If you doing running to make your muscles good or to loose fat then you can win well you can’t you need put efforts which will improve your endurance. It is a daily hard work process. You want to break record you have to work daily if you want to win only then people win with margins as well for some it is satisfactory but for legends satisfaction is when you make into the list of record.

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Usain Bolt is star now and everyone knows him that is what hard work is. People remember you for long time this is hard work. Work hard daily try to be innovative this will make you better if you are following same process daily with same effort may be make you work in flow but if you have big things in mind then more effort more you will get return.

Run like Usain Bolt, once you set the record try to defend it or break your own record this what his hard work teach us and this is what we should learn. Keep running towards your goal take big steps and put effort and become a new record breaker.

Usain Bolt the Lightning bolt, he ran fast cause he knew he have potential. We have to find out the potential then work on it.

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