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Blog By: Mir Faiyaz Ali Khan

Fitness is not a quick fix. It is a lifestyle. Fitness is about well-being, attaining peace, relieving stress and reaching your desired body through right means. In the industry, new fads may be flashy but since everybody is made differently, you have to understand that there are things which you want to do and the others that you don’t and that you have to listen to your own body when it says no. Fitness fads may come and go so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Holistic wellness is here to stay.  If you want to reach your desired goals of attaining a healthy and functional ‘you’ then you must most importantly focus on not getting hurt or overworking out, chances being falling in a trap  of injuries and being demotivated. Peeps, that can be a recipe for disaster. Hence, my suggestion is to be functional at work, at home and at the gym. For that one has to have a larger picture in mind and remember that it it’s time to work smart, not pushing beyond the limitations that come with age, stress levels and work schedules. To attain a well-toned body, one does not have to slog in the gym.
The body that does even 25-30 minutes of workout which is not hardcore and that which fetches results is called the body for life and it will remain thankful to you for not hurting it.
Functional fitness can be described as basic moves, moderate intensity, that fits your daily routine, like sitting, climbing stairs, walking to your car and all this without panting and sweating like a pig. I do not believe in the theory- No pain No gain.Something is always better than nothing provided it suits your lifestyle. I assure that wellness comes through sensible workouts. It doesn’t have to be high impact, the key being consistency and watching your diet which proves significant in affecting your lifestyle. As the saying goes : We are what we eat. I may be wrong but this is my experience and after training a hundred people I now believe that each individual is made different.
One enjoys running, the other cycling and another will feel accomplished to do hardcore weight training but please think and judge what suits you and follow your gut without falling prey to injuries and most importantly enjoy the activity which you can continue for life. We are to die anyway, so why not die looking fit and stretching or adding a mile more.

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