Try climbing a Jacob’s ladder to burn calories and lose weight

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

Why do you want to expose yourself to the sun and run when you can climb an endless ladder? Try exercising on the Jacob’s ladder to get an excellent cardio workout. It is a treadmill ladder that will challenge your coordination as the stairs speed by. It can give the same results as a high-intensity cardio workout like aerobics can provide without putting much pressure on your joints.

How does it work?
The ladder puts you at a 40-degree angle putting no stress on your lower back. It also engages your core, and the climbing action targets the large muscles like your quadriceps, your glutes, your shoulders, and laterals. The cardio equipment allows a full range of motion while climbing. Your metabolism gets a lot of boosts, and you burn tons of calories in the process. You also build a lot of strength in your upper and lower body.


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