Top 5 podcasts for cardio

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Working out to music has been scientifically proven to have benefits. But, if you’re sick of hearing that Clean Bandit song or want something to give your brain a workout as well as your body, podcasts could be the answer.

Music with a high bpm and uplifting lyrics can help you work out harder for longer. However, during a lengthy cardio session sometimes letting the mind get distracted from the task at hand can help see through to the end.

Podcasts are a great opportunity for some brain training. There is a whole wealth available to download for free online, ranging from intense political debates to live comedy shows. If you want to absorb some training tips during your session, then we recommend giving the following a listen – and we’d love to hear about your own favorites in the comments.

Described as the “ultimate podcast for getting your mind right and motivating you to achieve success in anything you do,” this comes from personal trainer Jamie Alderton and best-selling author of the Mindset over Muscle book. Podcasts include how to get comfortable being uncomfortable during endurance training, and how obsession can good for you.

No Meat Athlete Radio

Whether you’re a vegan bodybuilder or a wholehearted carnivore, this podcast provides food for thought on both what you eat and how you run. Host Matt Frazier has run multiple ultramarathons so the guy knows what he’s talking about.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast

Powerlifter Mark Bell interviews big names in fitness every week. From the extremely influential trainer Charles Poliquin to bikini model Meg “Megsquats” Gallagher, the conversation is diverse and full of practical advice.

Another Mother Runner

A great podcast not just for busy mums but anyone who needs some inspiration and motivation to improve their time management and pound the pavement. Host Sarah Bowen Shea is not only a mother of three but has found the time to run 12 marathons as well as complete podcast interviews with the likes of triathlete Liz Lyles and clean eating chef Jacquelyn Grandy

TEDTalks Health

TEDTalks have become synonymous with engaging, thought-provoking presentations by an array of speakers and personalities. This collection of health-focused podcasts are no exception. Topics include whether how we speak can lead to psychosis, to life after cancer and why we really, really should wash our hands.

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