Top 5 Myths about Kickboxing, Debunked.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

“Difficult to learn”, “too intimidating and aggressive” and “male dominated”! These are just some of the common misconceptions that surround Kickboxing. Like most mainstream activities that have benefited from an increase in popularity it is common that certain general misunderstandings emerge. This results in a ton of misinformation about Kickboxing in general, while the reality is different for everyone.

It would be useful to tackle some of the myths and perhaps help you if you are undecided about adding Kickboxing to your regular exercise schedule.

Myth 1: “Kickboxing Is Difficult To Grasp”

If you’re training to be a professional kick-boxer – then the reality is that it is tough! But that goes for all professional sports at the highest level. However, assuming you don’t aspire to be a pro fighter and you’re looking to have fun and spice up your workout routine – Kickboxing can be as challenging as you decide. If you’re searching for a slow paced workout or intense paced class you can find a kickboxing class that caters to your preference.

Remember – Do what you can and slow down when you reach your limit.

Keep in mind to become a successful professional Kickboxer requires hard work, commitment, and mental and physical strength.

Myth 2: “Kickboxing Is Way Too Aggressive”

So you’re a peaceful person and the idea of getting your butt kicked by a pro fighter doesn’t appeal to you? We’ll that doesn’t appeal to me neither. Not to worry though, so even if you’ve never kicked a soul in your life or have previous martial arts experience – Kickboxing is a sport for people of all skills levels.

The thing with Kickboxing is it can be instructed in 3 ways: for fighting, defending, or fitness. So the type of class you can take part in is really determined by your preference. Whether your aim is to be a kick-ass pro, a mind-blowing self-defence force, or you’re searching for a great way to stay in shape – Kickboxing offers a fun and fresh way to get there!

Myth 3: “Kickboxing Is Only For Men”

Most people associate kickboxing with boxing and fighting so it’s understandable that it is seen as a macho sport. However, women can also benefit from Kickboxing too – the key point being do what appeals to you.

Kickboxing is a sport that caters to different needs. So if you want to keep fit and keep your body free from bruises there are classes you can take part in such as Cardio-Kickboxing, which is a butt-kicking circuit training program set to upbeat music that is based on combining dance and martial arts techniques that can improve cardio fitness and help to tone muscles. If you want to learn martial techniques in a slow or intense paced setting there are accessible classes that cater to those needs.

Myth 4: “I’m Too Old To Start Kickboxing”

You are only as old as you feel! There is no age restrictions in Kickboxing, so find a good instructor and crack on. The only restrictions are the ones you place on yourself or due to medical conditions. The only way to truly find out is to take the plunge and try it out.

Myth 5: “Kickboxing Classes Are Too EXPENSIVE”

Prices tend to vary when it comes to kickboxing classes. So it may depend on the difficulty level of the class on offer. Assuming straight away that all classes are expensive is the wrong way to go. Do your research before you decide to drop the idea of taking a kickboxing class.

Do you have some favourite Kickboxing myths we didn’t cover here? Please share your thoughts with us.


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