Top 10 Reasons to avoid Oily Food

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Taste is all that matters. Even a little kid of primary class would want a delicious and yummy pack of potato wafers instead of the snack his mother would make at home. Children prefer a bowl of French potato fries instead of a bowl of cereals. Not just children, every one of us prefer tasty food over healthy and nutritious food. The growth in the number of fast food centers is also a major reason of the consumption of oily food. A lot of fast foods, which can be bought by spending a few rupees, will definitely contain fats and oils. Fats are necessary for our body; they help in the metabolism process and also add flavor to the body. But this does not mean that they are healthy enough to be taken in large amounts. The disadvantages of eating oily food and reasons to why you should avoid them are:

10. Health risks:

Studies have shown that on an average a person only intakes 30% of the calories from fats. Out of this ratio, about 7% are saturated fats. But, when this limit of calorie intake is increased there is huge risk of health problems. Therefore, it is recommended that no person should exceed this limit of less than 30% fats in the diet. The health issues that person may face later include diabetes, chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity, etc.

9. Acid Reflux:

Oily food is responsible for acid refluxes. There is muscle present at one end of esophagus. This muscle is popularly known as esophageal sphincter. The role of this muscle is to keep out the contents of the stomach from the esophagus. The excess of oily food results in weakening of the lower portion of esophageal sphincter. This is mainly because the stomach produces a large amount of acid as compared to the usual and desired level. This rise in acid level is called acid reflux. Thus, a person must not have access amount of fatty food to avoid damage to the internal organs and muscles due to acid reflux.

8. High Cholesterol:

The total cholesterol level rises in the blood mainly due to oily food that we eat. The saturated fats and trans fats present in the oils we eat in fried food are the main source of high blood cholesterol. Cholesterol is not healthy for our body. Though a limited percentage of cholesterol is required and is necessary for a healthy body, but if the level rises, then there is large risk to the heart. Cholesterol, if present in our body is more than maximum limit, will lead to blockage of blood arteries. This is the reason a person must take care of the diet and must avoid fatty and oily food, deep fried food, commercially fried products and packets of commercially fried food items, saturated fat in coconut oil as well as palm oil, etc.

7. Exercise performance:

Studies on rats and people have proved a lot many times that consuming fatty food will lead to degradation in exercise performance. This means the stamina of the person reduces once he or she starts having oily food. The regular exercises he/she does are all reduced and their performance is decreased. The tasks that a person has to do every day such as morning walk, fetching groceries for house, other goods of the house, cleaning particular things, making breakfast, walking or even driving to work, etc. All these tasks become very hectic for the person if he is presently on an oily diet.

6. Migraine and Headache:

Fatty and oily foods can trigger migraine. That is not all. It even triggers headaches which gives you tension. You may start feeling like there is tight band tied around your head and that is creating a severe headache. This is mainly because oily food changes the chemistry of the brain and that is mainly because they change the size of brain’s blood vessels. The change is size is mainly because of the deposit of the unabsorbed fat if there is an intake of large amount of fat.

5. Affects the memory:

Including oily food in your daily can create a lot of problems for you. But the problem I am going to mention is the one which you have never thought of. The studies and experiments have revealed that consuming having oily and fatty food can affect your brain memory. This is mainly because eating a lot of fat will trigger resistance to insulin, which in turn results in using glucose less efficiently. This glucose or blood sugar is very important to the brain to function properly. People live in the delusion that fatty food will only increase a few pounds of their body. But before these extra pounds earned from oily food, you will see the effect of the fats on your brain and memory.

4. Causes Acne:

The intake of oily food affects the skin. It makes a person’s skin oily. The people who regularly eat oily food have a lot of acne on their face. This is proved by studies. Studies have shown that when a person consumes excess amount of oily food, or dairy food rich in fat, it triggers oil gland activity in excessive amount. This excessive increase in the oil gland activity makes your skin oily and produces a lot of acne. The skin doctors always suggest avoiding oily food, especially those who already have an oily skin. So, if you believe that a particular type of food can affect your skin and your looks, then you should better avoid having them.

3. Affects Gall Bladder:

The amount of fat that you intake, is absorbed by the bile present in your gut. The fat that is left unabsorbed will lead to diarrhea. The gall bladder in your body does the work of storing bile juice and then deliver it in your gut when you intake fatty meals. The bile that is stored in gall bladder and delivered to the gut is produced in the liver. The amount of fat in your meals increases when you eat oily food. This excess amount of fat is not absorbed by the bile and makes a person nauseous. Also increases the chances of diarrhea.

2. Overweight:

The reason to avoid oily food is that they increase a person’s body weight. The oily foods are full of calories. When our diet have high calorie contents, than you must take care of your dress size. The amount of calories present in the fats of the oily food is twice than the calories in carbohydrates, proteins and grams. The count of calories per day is necessary for those all who are trying to lose weight. And those who are least concerned about their weight please note, that if your weight increases, you have high risks of suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and/or some other chronic diseases. Obesity itself is a disease. And obesity is caused by high calorie intake which is the main reason to avoid oily food.

1. Cardiovascular Diseases:

Oily food, greasy food and fatty food are rich in one or more dietary fats. The dietary fats are known to contribute in the elevation of blood level. They cause total cholesterol and LDL which is also known as “bad” cholesterol. If a person’s daily diet includes a lot of saturated fats, or even trans fats and cholesterol, then there is very increased risk that the person will suffer from atherosclerosis. This is the condition when blood is stuck in your arteries. This fat behaves as an obstacle for the flow of blood in the arteries. This is the reason of a heart attack, heart stroke and even few peripheral heart diseases. Thus, if a person wants to avoid the risks of heart attack and other cardiovascular disease, they must surely avoid oily food.