Tips to stay safe indoors during heavy rains and thunder and lightning

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

It is raining cats and dogs in Mumbai. Heavy rains have disturbed Mumbai’s day to day life tremendously. This happens exactly a month post the Mumbai deluge of August 29. However, more than the disturbance in the normal life and other inconveniences, heavy rainfall affects the health and mental health adversely. Here are some symptoms of monsoon diseases you need to watch out for.
Here are a few tips to stay safe indoors during heavy rains and thunder:

  • Watch current weather predictions on TV or the internet and listen to weather reports on the radio.
  • Try to make yourself happy by eating or drinking warm food and beverages to get over the gloomy mood due to the weather.
  • Subscribe to lightning and severe weather notification services and free apps available in India like AccuWeather, WeatherBug etc.
  • Scan the skies 360 degrees around and overhead before you plan to leave your home.
  • Prepare rain gear
  • Take a warm shower right after getting drenched.
  • Be extra careful about your drinking water sources.
  • Teach your kids about essential safety tips about lightning and thunder.
  • Try to keep your house clean to avoid fungal infestation to avoid allergies.
  • Unplug sensitive electronic equipment when you are experiencing heavy rainfall and storm like conditions.
  • If you are experiencing a power cut keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed; that way food can stay fresh.

Here are a few lightning safety tips if you are indoors :

  • Avoid contact with water or water pipes. Avoid taking a shower, bathing, hand washing dishes or washing clothes because lightning can travel through a building’s plumbing.
  • Avoid corded electronics and electrical equipment as lightning might travel through the cords. Cordless phones are safer. According to a study[1], the myth that mobiles or other cordless devices attract lightning has been busted.
  • An enclosed car or truck offers a great protection from lightning if you are unable to be at home.
  • Stay away from windows, doors, garages, balconies.
  • Do not lie down on the floor or lean against the walls. Lightning can travel through anything that is made up of metal. Concrete walls or flooring can be a great conductor.
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