Tips to start exercising for lazy people


Blog By: Aishwarya

Just START: Don’t think of putting extreme effort to make things perfect or taking too much burden on yourself on how what and when; just start and on the way make the corrections if need be. Don’t get into the muddle of achieving all or nothing. Take a deep breath and get going to do even better than what you think is best. For this, you have to start first and do what you can, rather than pondering over superficial goals.

Choose the right program: Don’t get carried away by the fitness regime showed in movies or your favourite shows— the real story is way different than you think it is. Pick the self-sustaining fitness program that you can stick to in the long run. Begin with whatever you have and on the way, modify and change if need be to reach where you wish to be.

Start from the scratch: Stay away from what you believe and what “they” think you believe. You are not lazy when it comes to working out but you are so used to your old habits that it takes that “extra” effort to be “extraordinary”. Stop comparing yourself with others since your habits, your goal, body type, and requirements are different and need special attention.

Embrace your awesomeness: You are AWESOME and don’t you forget that! Turn a deaf ear to those who oversimplify your challenge or compare yourself with others’ achievements. You know your potentials the best and you are the only one who can change or modify it. Find out what works for you. Discover different combination of tools, techniques, and advice that will prioritize your fitness goals. Choose wisely and most importantly maintain consistency in whatever you choose.

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