Time to be in a trendy profession

blog by: (Sriparna Samajdar)

The obesity seems to be increasing in US as time goes. The lifestyle is not improving but in fact deteriorating day by day. According a  recent study conducted by American Council of Exercise (ACE) the most encountered cases all over the world seems to be from cardiovascular , pulmonary metabolic and musculoskeletal and this certificate mainly  focuses on these points. The ACE (Advanced Health and Fitness certification) is the course which provides fitness professionals the growing number of clients and promotion. ACE is a reputed fitness professional institute which was founded back in 1985 providing certification in US as well in 77 other countries.

So if following the trend, the need for health and fitness professional is increasing by seconds in everywhere say from IT corporate offices to the school, gym, personal training, and health care centers. It is going to be the most common and secure job in the coming years. Our lifestyle consists of poor dietary choices and lack of sleep with stress laden work environment, all leading to the above mentioned disorders. Diabetes is another disease which is increasing like an epidemic everywhere, again, one of the results of poor life choices. Health and fitness professional is someone we need and we need them terribly.

A well-qualified fitness professional is on demand for a lot of jobs these days in many company and institute which hire such fitness trainers and professionals. This certificate course will make you look very prestigious in job competition.  The minimum eligibility of application is if you are 18 years old and hold a current certification of CPR along with 300 hours of experience in designing and implementing exercise programme for healthy individuals and high risk individual as documented by a qualified professional. You must have a bachelor’s degree in exercise science or related field. So now is the time to help change the society we live in. Advanced fitness professional laid a crucial role in changing and shaping people’s lives by reducing risk factors and helping them in rehabilitation.

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