Things I learned from PV Sindhu and her struggle

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi.

On 19th August 2016, all of us were praying that India gets a gold. Our ace badminton player, PV Sindhu was playing the final match and she was fighting for the Gold. This was her first Olympics and she had to struggle very hard till here. Sindhu finally won the Silver medal. At a tender age of 21, it is not an easy feat.

PV Sindhu and her struggle

Many of us assume that what we know is the path to achieving one’s dream but what we don’t know is that there were 13 years of practising continuously, without fail and being patient. Yes! PV Sindhu started playing badminton when she was just eight years old. She started her journey at the courts of IRISET, Secunderabad. She later joined Pullela Gopichand’s badminton academy and thus began her struggle and passion for her game and the burning desire to become a champion.

The testimony of this is the fact that she had to travel a distance of 56 km from her home to the academy for practice, regularly. Such was her dedication to the game that after one year of her joining the Badminton coaching academy Mr Gopichand told her parents that their daughter would go a long way and she will be a star one day. Sindhu did not miss a single day of her training sessions. There were two qualities that distinguished her from the crowd namely – dedication and discipline. She was not allowed to eat Biryani and had the permission to do so only if she could complete the practice laps 10 minutes before her normal time. Even when she did that she was seldom not advised to do so which she took. Today, when we can’t even survive a minute without our cell phones PV Sindhu was prohibited to use her cell phone!!

I formed the principle, already many unknowingly follow it. We take life lessons from movies, books, stories, and experiences. Now I will tell you what I learned from PV Sindhu’s journey and the sweetness of her reward.

Recognise your dream

You can reach anywhere in life if you have a purpose to guide what you do in the next moment.

Always keep your dream in front of your sight

I mean it literally! Keep what you want in your sight where you can see it regularly. You could make a poster and stick it on the walls in your room. Or make it the wallpaper on your phone. Anything to remind you what you want!

Never Give up

Pick yourself up whenever you fall. Failure is when you quit trying. When you are tired of chasing and not getting any fruit for your work, you want to give up, leaving it behind and starting over. If it ever happens just pause look back at how far you have come, think of what you could become if you keep going! At a later stage in life when you look back then you should be proud of your efforts. You should be able to say that you have given your best.


When the end is not in sight many of us want to give up. We want to let go. But keep in mind that always there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Have patience. The fruit of patience is very sweet. Many great things achieved in this world are a result of incredible patience and perseverance.